Go on a nature walk

Go on a nature walk

Nature activities are a great way to help your child experience the natural world. Here’s how to explore beyond your backyard with your child.



Plan a nature walk in an area near your home – look at maps of your local area and you’ll find a nature reserve, national parkland or coastal walk that you probably haven’t been to before.

Depending on the age of your kids, try to be realistic about how much walking they will be happy to do. The point of a nature walk is to get up close to nature, not to do a forced march with unhappy children!

Once you’re on your walk, you can:

  • Collect flowers, stones or shells
  • Look at the birds flying in the sky
  • Play hide and seek in the park
  • Collect shells and decorate them by painting them
  • Make pictures on the ground in the soil by using round wattle flowers

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