Hanging bat mobile for little kids

Hanging bat mobile for little kids

Bats make great decorations for any little kids room. You could be making this for a school project, Halloween decoration or just because you love bats. Simple and easy to follow instructions mean kids can follow along easily.

What you need:

  • black construction paper or card
  • white craft foam or card
  • googly eyes
  • black string or yarn, cut into 4 different lengths
  • white craft glue
  • 1 wire coat hanger
  • scissors

Number of players:


Cut out four bat shapes of slightly differing sizes from the black construction paper.

Punch or pierce a small hole in the centre of each bat's head to attach the strings when your bats are ready to hang.

Fold the bats down the middle and then flatten them again. Do the same at the joints of the wings. This will make your bats look like they are flying!

Cut out small triangles from the white craft foam to use as fangs.

Glue the googly eyes and foam fangs onto your bats.

Once the glue is dry, use your lengths of black thread to tie each bat to different points along the bottom of the coat hanger, and your hanging bat mobile is complete!


  • Jack 'o' Lantern mobile – use orange and yellow construction card or craft foam to make small jack 'o' lanterns.
  • Ghosty mobile – cut out ghost shapes from white foam, and use a black texta to draw on ghoulish faces.
  • Black cat mobile – cut simple cat shapes out of black craft foam. Glue googly eyes on, or cut some out of yellow craft foam. Glue black string to the bottom for spooky dangling tails!

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