Hangman paper game

Hangman paper game

Kids of all ages love to spend time drawing. There is so much fun in drawing and playing games. Your kids will enjoy this hangman paper game!

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Pen

Number of players:


Start the game by having one person choose a word  that the other player knows how to spell.

Place one dash on a piece of paper for each letter of the word chosen. For example, three dashes represent the word CAT.

Write the alphabet out in the corner of the page.

The player who is guessing the word nominates one letter. If the letter is part of the selected word, the other player writes it on the corresponding dash.

If the letter is not part of the selected word it is crossed off the alphabet.

For every incorrect letter part of hangman is drawn:

First draw a crossbeam at the top of the paper, that looks like an upside down “L” .

Then a short vertical line off the end of the top line, this is your “noose.”

Then the head.

Then begin individually adding the body parts.

If the hangman is completed before the other player guesses the word, the guessing player loses the game.

If the guessing player discovers the word before the hangman is completed, he wins.

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