How to make your own puppet theatre

How to make your own puppet theatre

Despite all the digital games available to children, you'll find that old fashioned imaginative play is still king.  Puppets are a fantastic starting point and it doesn't take much to put on your own puppet show, particularly when you make your own puppet theatre first.

What you need:

  • A big cardboard box
  • 2 x tea towels
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

Optional extras:

  • paint/textas
  • tinsel
  • fairy lights

Number of players:


Cut out the base and back panel of the box so that you just have a stand-alone stage frame: one long side and two short sides as flaps to keep it upright.

Out of the long side, cut a proscenium arch (the frame of a stage) leaving about 10cm around each side and top. There should be no bottom edge, just a square opening like an archway.
The two side panels should allow the proscenium arch stand up by itself.

Attach curtains to the backstage side of the arch by using your two tea towels. If you want to be fancy, you can pleat them along the top to create nicely draped curtains. Use masking tape to stick them into place, or if you have a large stapler, use a stapler.

Use a black marker or paints to write the name of your puppet theatre across the top in fancy theatre writing.

Prop your puppet theatre on the dining table and put on a show.

The puppets should perform in front of the curtain, with the curtain as a backdrop.


  • An ironing board with a tablecloth over it also makes a good puppet theatre base as it can be adjusted to any height.
  • String fairy lights or tinsel around your stage arch to make it really fancy.
  • Make proper red velvet curtains using remnants of fabric (Spotlight usually has a bin of cheap remnants)
  • Get tips on how to stage your own puppet show.

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