Indoor paper basketball

Indoor paper basketball

Mum says don't play with the ball in the house, but with paper basketball, you can! Craft and decorate your own basket and make it as colourful as you like. Hours of fun to be had when you challenge your friends.

What you need:

  • a large paper cup or a milk/ juice carton cut in half (discard the end with the opening and keep the part that resembles a container) or a medium sized box
  • scissors
  • paint and paintbrushes
  • large square of cardboard for the backboard
  • masking tape
  • scrap paper/ newspaper

Number of players:


Cut out the base of the cup/ milk carton/ box.

Decorate it with paint.

Set aside to dry.

Tape one side of the newly decorated cup/ container/ box to the square of cardboard.

This is the basket. 

Hang it somewhere: rest it against a table or shelf, hang it from a chair or a door.

Scrunch up scrap paper to make small basketballs.

To play throw the paper basketballs through the top opening of the basket.

When you play with others, see who can score the most points.

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