Make a paper fortune teller

Make a paper fortune teller

Do you remember how to make a chatterbox or paper fortune teller? Watch the video tutorial below to refresh your memory and then teach your kids – and let the fun begin!

What you need:

  • a piece of A4 paper
  • scissors
  • coloured markers

Number of players:


First make the A4 rectangle into a square. Do this by folding a triangle down from one corner to the other, matching up the edges. Now cut off the extra bit that's left below.

Open out the paper. Fold it diagonally the other way, so you have a cross pattern on the paper.

Fold each corner into the centre.

Turn it over, fold each corner into the centre again.

Fold it in half one way.

Now fold it in half the other way.

Label your chatterbox with colours and numbers and put secret messages inside each flap.

Hints and tips:

To make your messages easier to reveal, cut a slit between each one (see video) so that each flap opens up independently.

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