Make wrapped pencil holders

Make wrapped pencil holders

This is a craft for kids with a love of stationery. Speedy quick and yet super effective and cute. Nothing is safe from the neon twine when you see just how easy and effective it really is!

What you need:

  • straight plain glasses
  • cotton or bamboo yarn
  • a peg

Number of players:


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2. Begin by wrapping the thread around the glass. Tie a knot to secure. Be sure to leave the tail nice and long.

Step 3. Wrap the glass in a random fashion, up and down, round and round until you are satisfied with the result.

Step 4. Tie the wound end to the tail of the original knot. Snip both ends to neaten.

Step 5. Slip the pencils in and voila! You have a snazzy pencil holder.

This craft was created by Kootoyoo.

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