Paper plate ghost

Paper plate ghost

Grab out the paper plate and decorate. You will have to add a little bit of art and a lot of craft to them before you hang them though. Follow these instructions and decorate the house for Halloween.

What you need:

  • paper plate
  • black construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • white crepe paper
  • 30cm piece of white yarn
  • black and pink markers
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • tape

Number of players:


From your construction paper, cut two large black ovals and two smaller white ovals.

These will be your ghost’s eyes.

Glue the white ovals to the black ovals. Use a black marker to add pupils to the whites of your ghosty eyes.

Cut two arms from white paper and a funny mouth from black paper.

Glue the eyes and mouth to the front of the paper plate.

Add cheeks with pink marker and eyebrows with the black marker.

Glue the arms to the back of the paper plate so that they stick out at each side.

Cut your white crepe paper into five strips, 50-60cm long each, like streamers.

Then glue the streamers to the back of the paper plate so that they hang down from the bottom.

Fold your 30cm piece of yarn in half and tape the open ends to the back of the plate for the hanger, and your paper plate ghost is ready to spook!


  • Simplify your project by having kids draw the face on with black crayons or markers.
  • Try different facial expressions by drawing mouths with teeth, tongues poking out, or silly grins.
  • Instead of crepe paper streamers, try lengths of coloured wool, ribbon or cellophane.
  • Paint your plates in fun colours and use an assortment of craft scraps to give your ghosts bow ties, silly hair or big ears.

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