Play group for babies

Play group for babies

There is no better feeling than getting yourself out of the house for a while when it feels like all you do is talk baby talk. Give your baby someone else to talk to and get some adult conversation at the same time! Organising a play group is not as hard as it seems. Here's how.

What you need:

  • paper and markers or a computer and a printer
  • some creativity

Number of players:


Jump on the computer and create a flyer, or make one using your paper and markers. Add details and ask for expressions of interest. Make sure you include a phone number to contact you on.

Take your flyer to the local child and health centre, the local kindergarten or school. Once you get some mums together, host a playgroup session of your own. Here are some ideas on how to entertain the kids while you mums have a chat.

What to expect:

  • Play sessions don't last too long for little ones. Aim for an hour or maybe two, before the babies start getting a little too tired to play.
  • Not everyone can make it all the time so plan your sessions weekly or even fortnightly to begin with.

How to host a successful playgroup:

  • Make sure the area you have set up is safe for babies on the move. Remove any movable objects that pose a risk.
  • Fill electrical sockets with baby-safe plugs, cover corners of tables that are not able to be removed and make sure if a child grabs a table or stand that nothing can fall and hurt the child.
  • Keep snacks light or even ask everyone attending to bring a plate so all of the burden is not on you.
  • Have simple yet colourful toys to encourage babies to play.

What to do with the babies:

There are many ideas on how to entertain a baby, try some of these:

Take turns:

There are other people in the group just like you! They might wish to hold the group in their space so take turns in hosting the group at each home.

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