Runway landing game

Runway landing game

Older children still love to play games so we've taken a party game classic and given it a twist to appeal to the bigger kids. Similar to Pin the tail on the donkey, Runway landing throws in tricky obstacles, a world map and a mission to land their planes. Challenge your kids to a game today.

What you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Map
  • Pin or sticky note
  • Cushions, baskets, chairs, boxes or other obstacles for the floor
  • Blindfold

Number of players:


Cut an airplane shape out of cardboard for each player.

Write the name of a player on each airplane.

Hang a map on the wall and mark a 'landing strip' with a pin or sticky note somewhere in the middle of it.

Line up players on the opposite side of room.

Place cushions, chairs or various obstacles in between the players and the map.

Let the players study their 'flight path' before the first player is blindfolded and taking their cardboard plane, attempts to 'fly' into the landing strip.

If a player touches an obstacle on the floor it is considered a plane crash and they are out of the game.

If a player pins their plane on water, it's a crash-landing but they are not disqualified.

The player who pins their airplane the closest to the landing strip is the winner.


  • Remind the kids to go slowly past the obstacles so they don't hurt themselves.

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