Santa seat scramble

Santa seat scramble

Kids love this game as it gets them running and competing to stay in the game. Similar to Fruit Basket Upset, liven up your Christmas party with a sure-fire winning way to bring laughter and some fast action to your gathering.

What you need:

  • Chairs

Number of players:


Place the chairs in a large circle. You will need one chair for each player minus one. All players sit in a chair and the one player without a chair becomes the Caller.

In groups of three, the players are assigned a Christmas themed name like Tinsel, Mistletoe, Plum Pudding, Frosty, or Rudolph.

The Caller stands in the middle of the circle at least a metre away from the chairs and calls one of the group names.

The three players with this name must leave their seat and dash to another empty seat.

The Caller races to find an empty seat.

If he gets one, the new Caller is the player left without a seat.

When the Caller says "Santa's Seat" all players must change seats.

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