Scents for baby

Scents for baby

A baby's senses are not fully developed at birth, all but smell of course. This is why babies respond so well to aromatherapy. Scents are also a great memory trigger so using certain scents at particular times is a great way to set routines and help baby to recognise patterns in her day.

What you need:

  • essential oils – list and uses below
  • diffuser
  • bath

Number of players:


Essential oils and their uses. 

Place 1 drop of lavender oil in the baby bath water or to some unscented liquid soap so the oil is not harsh on her skin. Lavender has very relaxing properties and will prepare your baby for sleep.

Babies room:
For a sleepy atmosphere add 1 drop of chamomile and dill to the diffuser and allow it to fill the room for a sweet sleep.

Cold relief:
To your diffuser, add one drop of lemon oil and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Allow to permeate the room before placing your baby to sleep.

Remember to never use an essential oil on or around baby in its neat form. The best application is in a base oil or watered down in the bath. Neat is too strong for her lungs and will be too harsh on her skin.

Baby massage is another way to use an essential oil for baby relaxation.

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