This card game is fun and children will enjoy playing it. They will use their concentration skills and learn to play this game fast.



Spit is a game where you need to try and get rid of all your cards as quickly as possible.

Once you shuffle the cards deal them to each player.

Each player then deals out five piles of cards in a row in front of himself, with all cards face down.

The first pile has one card, the second two cards etc until the fifth pile has five cards.

Turn the top card of each pile face up which is known as stock piles.

Each player will have eleven cards remaining in his hand which are known as the spit cards.

When both players are ready, they say “spit” together and each player turns his top spit card face up, placing it in the middle of the table between the two rows of stock piles.

These two cards are the “spit piles.”

Keep on playing as quickly as the players can, using only one hand and moving one card at a time.

The goal is to play the 15 cards in your stock piles onto the spit piles.


  • When an Ace is showing on a spit pile, either a King or a 2 can be played on top of it. When a player moves a card from one of his stock piles to a spit pile, he may turn the next card in the stock pile face up.
  • If a player has less than five stock piles (because one has been exhausted by playing cards into the spit piles), he may move the face up card from another stock pile to fill the empty slot. He may then turn face up the card that was below the one he moved.
  • A round ends when either a player runs out of stock cards by playing them all, or neither player can make a legal play and both players still have cards remaining in their stock piles (but not their spit piles).

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