Waffle checkers: Edible board game

Waffle checkers: Edible board game

Board games became a thing of the past and now they're back bigger than ever – expecially when their edible! Cut and eat your way through this game of waffle checkers. Great for breakfast, brunch or even dessert!

What you need:

  • waffle
  • sultanas
  • blueberries
  • dice
  • butter knife and fork

Number of players:


Playing the game of waffle checkers couldn't be more fun when you get to eat the board. All you have to do is let the dice decide how much you get to eat!


  • Start by filling the empty waffle with your playing pieces. In our example, we have used blueberries and sultanas. You can use whatever you like!
  • When the squares are equally filled, start by rolling the dice – highest roll goes first.
  • First player rolls. In our example player one is BLACK and player two is WHITE. Player one rolls a 4 and eats 4 of the opponents pieces (sultanas) and waffle. Use the cutlery to chop it neatly.
  • Player two rolls a 6 and eats 6 of the opponents pieces.
  • As the game goes on each player eats more and more of their opponents waffle and pieces.
  • The one with the most pieces at the end is the winner!



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