7 Ways To Get Your Vacation Vibe Back

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Family vacations are among our most prolific memory-making moments. Taking time out of our busy, structured lives to explore and engage with not only our beautiful world around us but also with our nearest and dearest are the times that will fuel nostalgia in years to come.

Those positive vibes from a joyful family trip are what online travel brand Expedia refer to as a ‘Vacation State of Mind’ and we are SO digging it!

So for all the sunseekers, snow bunnies, nature lovers, museum explorers, and wanderlust travellers, Expedia has created an adventure travel journal that engages families in reviving their Vacation State of Mind. Read on to discover more about why the Expedia Explorers Journal was created and how you can create a vacation vibe without leaving the country.


Missing your vacation?

As New Zealand embraces a new normalcy and international travel continues to remain on hold, Kiwis are left grappling with the void of overseas leisure travel, leading to holiday deprivation. In fact, even pre-pandemic, Expedia’s annual 2019 Vacation Deprivation study, which dives into trends and attitudes around annual leave, revealed deprivation levels were on the rise in New Zealand.

Although Kiwis are feeling vacation deprived, a high percentage of respondents recognise and understand the personal and professional benefits of taking a holiday:

  • Travelling improves my general health and well-being (92%)
  • Travel improves my connection with family and friends and helps create news memories with loved ones (85%)
  • A holiday gives me a chance to hit the reset button on my stress and anxiety (90%)

How to get your vacation vibe back

While there is uncertainty about when Kiwis can safely travel abroad again, Expedia’s study has uncovered some ways that can help Kiwis evoke a Vacation State of Mind. Without actually travelling, families can still explore travel memories and get their vacation vibe back through engagement in activities. For instance:

1. Download the Expedia Explorers Journal

To help families tap into their Vacation State of Mind anytime, anywhere, Expedia has launched a new downloadable adventure travel journal. Inspiring wanderlust, the Expedia Explorers Journal is full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. From reminiscing about past trips with family members, to learning about new destinations and planning the next holiday, the journals are full of creative prompts to seed curiosity, inspire conversations, and encourage self-expression.

Download the Expedia Explorers Journal

2. Talk to friends and family about a holiday memory

Being so far from pretty much everything, Kiwis often gravitate towards similar destinations. Get together over a potluck dinner and share memories of places visited. Or, even better, get some tips on where to go next!

3. Look at photos and videos from past holidays

Remember all those holiday photos and videos that never left your phone? Create a slideshow and cast to your TV or projector screen for a family ‘home movie’ night of memories.

4. Dig out souvenirs you bought or gathered on holiday and use them

Create a scrapbook of a favourite trip using ticket stubs, maps, and attraction brochures. If you’re missing a few, just jump online and fill the gaps.

5. Listen to music that reminds you of holidays

Create a holiday playlist of songs that remind you of destinations, or that just evoke a holiday feeling.

6. Cook the local cuisine or a meal from a favourite destination

Rummage through the cookbooks or get online and rustle up a few dishes from your holiday destination. Don’t forget the refreshments too.

7. Start planning the next holiday

Plan your next family holiday and create an itinerary of things to see and do. Challenge each family member to pick a destination and a reason to visit.

“At Expedia, we’ve always believed in the power of travel to create joy and to enrich our hearts and minds. At a time where travel is limited, it’s important now more than ever to use these holiday top-ups and resources like the adventure journals to relieve stress, inspire wanderlust and dream of your next holiday.” Justine Yusi, Expedia Communications Manager ANZ.

Download the Expedia Explorers Journal

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