Anmum created with care

From 12 months your little person is not only active, they are also doing a lot of growing, so they will need the right nutrition to support their active body and mind.

We understand you want to be sure you’re giving your little one what they like and what gives them the right support so we have developed a toddler milk you can have confidence in.

We’re connected by care

Anmum is the paediatric brand of Fonterra. As New Zealand’s leading dairy company, we’ve been making paediatric formulas for decades. We understand how much care needs to be taken when making milk product for our littlest kiwis. That’s why we want to share with you the story of what goes into making Anmum. Meet some of the New Zealanders behind every step of our Fonterra Anmum supply chain.

It starts on the farm

anmum-oneKay Aubrey, Mum to Josh and Asha and Fonterra Farmer Shareholder in the Waikato.

Fonterra is owned by 10,000 farming families with more than a century of farming expertise. Our farmers are committed to the strictest standards of quality control with regular on farm testing as well as annual on-farm and environmental assessments by independent inspectors.

We take the greatest care

Anmum Ipu Hapi, Dad to 3 boys and Plant Manager at Fonterra Waitoa.
We take the greatest care in protecting our products. Developed and packaged at our Fonterra sites right here in New Zealand. Each of our processing sites are equipped with world-class food safety systems – and are independently certified.

We’re led by passion

Anmum 3Rebecca Cannan, Auntie to Kate and Harry and Senior Nutritionist at Fonterra.

We’re proud of the company we keep. Our nutritionists and scientists at Fonterra are fortunate to work alongside independent doctors and professionals and together, they know what it takes to produce a world-class formula.

We keep it safe

Anmum 4Vicki Williams, Mum to Jack and Territory Sales Manager in Taranaki.

Each of our products are securely packaged with a tamper evident seal, thoroughly tested and checked at each step of our supply chain.

Be confident your toddler’s milk has no added sugar

Sugar, we all know we should be reducing our overall intake and we know it’s a major concern for parents. We also know that it can come in lots of different guises and can make reading the ingredients list confusing. That’s why we haven’t added any sugars to our toddler milk.

Anmum PediaPro3 contains only lactose, the sugar that is found naturally in milk which means it tastes great too.

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