Essentials For Your Baby’s Nursery

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Getting everything ready for a tiny new family member can feel overwhelming but we’ve got you covered with a list of the essentials you will need for your baby’s nursery or sleep area, and also some of the ‘nice to have’ items.

For such a small person, your new arrival is preceded by a lot of planning! Unlike the bedroom of a toddler or older child, your baby’s nursery does not need to have too much going on. Books and toys will likely come to take up space as your little one grows up but for now, you can keep it simple and stick to the essentials.

New to the New Zealand market, Baby Bunting is a nursery retailer with a huge range of baby products. We asked their friendly team for their expert tips on nursery essentials.

The sleep space

Safe sleeping is essential and there is a range of sleep options you can consider. For more information on safe beds for babies, the Ministry of Health has extensive advice around safe sleep practices.

Bassinets are convenient for small spaces and are much more portable than a cot, meaning you can move them from room to room easily as needed.

They can also be a great option if you would like to be able to have your baby close to you during the night as you can set them up right beside your bed. Keep an eye out for ones that feature a side that can come down to enable you to get your baby for a feed or a cuddle without having to get out of bed.

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Alternatively, you might like to invest in a good cot from the beginning.

Your baby’s cot should have sturdy, vertical surrounding slats. As a rule of thumb, the distance between these slats should be no more than 95mm.

The mattress should be firm and fit snugly in the cot; there should not be room for the mattress to slide around or for things to get caught between the cot and mattress. Ideally, the gap between the mattress and the cot side barrier should be no more than 20mm when the mattress is placed in the middle of the cot.

Fitted sheets should be very tight so as to not slip off and bunch up in the cot.

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The changing space

Change tables are very functional as you can store all of your changing items underneath. When using a change table, you need to keep a hand on the baby to keep them safe so having everything you need, including a change of clothes on hand is useful.

Change mats are a great option too – they take up less space as they don’t have the storage but are easily transportable. Used on the floor, your baby will be nice and safe as they enjoy a bit of nappy-free time.

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Comfort and safety

Making the nursery a cosy and comforting space benefits everyone who spends time in there – adults included. Night lights create a calm ambience during the night, allowing you enough to move around safely and find what you need without disturbing the baby.

Many parents find a baby monitor an essential piece of equipment for peace of mind. Options range from a simple audio-only option right through to ones that have a selection of lullabies you can play, multiple cameras, a ‘walkie-talkie’ function so you can soothe them without leaving your chair or bed, and room temperature monitoring. The ideal room temperature is between 18° and 22°.

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Happy extras

Now you’ve ticked off all the big items for your nursery, adding a few extras can help make life easier and also create a beautiful environment for baby and you. Storage is something that no house ever has enough of and your new addition will collect lots of clothes, books, toys, bedding and other bits and pieces as they grow so some storage options are a great idea.

A rug for the floor, some pictures or decals for the walls, or mobile for the cot can all help add to the general ambience of the room your baby will be spending a lot of time in. The choice is yours if you want to go for a curated designer space or just add a few cute things.

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About Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting has been supporting new and expecting families for over 40 years and is excited to be opening its first NZ store for a unique shopping experience with a wide range of baby and maternity goods for families at low prices – from strollers to furniture, feeding to car seats, toys to nursery furniture, and more! Baby Bunting also prides itself on friendly and expert service by passionate team members, helping new and expecting parents choose products and services for their new and growing families.

For all your nursery needs, shop online at Baby Bunting. Baby Bunting’s first New Zealand store opens in Albany, Auckland on 13th August 2022!

Written by Kidspot NZ for Baby Bunting.

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