How The Dole Promise Is Inspiring Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living is something that is being increasingly embraced by society – for the benefit of our planet and ourselves. After all, small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle can become big movements for change.

The term sustainable living refers to our actions as individuals and society to reduce our use of the planet’s natural resources. Think of it as living a life that has the least impact on the planet.

The Dole Promise

With sustainable living in mind, Dole launched the Dole Promise in July 2020. This global company initiative aims to increase access to sustainable nutrition, and decrease food loss, packaging waste and carbon emissions for the benefit of its stakeholders, employees, customers, and the planet.

The Dole Promise strives towards the following goals:


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In New Zealand, Dole is working towards achieving the Dole Promise with several local initiatives:

The Oke Charity

Dole has teamed up with Oke as its first foundation partner. This local charity provides Kiwi kids with the opportunity to learn valuable life skills by introducing productive school gardens. Through the ‘Growing a Future’ initiative, Oke builds gardens at South Auckland primary and intermediate schools – enabling children, teachers, and the local community to grow healthy, sustainable fruit and vegetables.

Founded in 2015, Oke Chief Go Getter (Founder) Paul Dickson originally planned to gift schools garden beds. However he quickly realised a lot more tools were required to make these gardens a sustainable, ongoing prospect. The charity now provides schools with raised beds, a greenhouse, composting solutions, kid’s tools, irrigation and other essential resources; along with the education required to maintain them. Using sponsor financial donations and voluntary labour at planting days, Oke has built gardens at 14 primary schools to date, giving over 10,000 kids from Papatoetoe, Otara, Manurewa, Weymouth, and Wattle Downs a school garden to get growing.


Community work

During the Covid-19 New Zealand lockdown, Dole provided products to KidsCan, Love Soup, and Foodbank Canterbury to support Kiwis in need. Alongside MG Marketing, Dole has just announced a partnership with the Salvation Army to continue providing food produce, which will see at least 48,000 bananas donated to food centres nationwide over the next year.

Motutapu Restoration Trust

Dole is proud to support local sustainability efforts alongside the Motutapu Restoration Trust, which sees funding support a kiwi release programme and habitat development for species like the Coromandel brown kiwi, takahe, and saddleback. Dole’s support has helped the trust restore Motutapu Island’s stunning landscape and protect the rare species of plant and wildlife that call the island home.


The Rainforest Alliance Certification

Dole’s fresh pineapples and Ecuador bananas are proudly certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working to create a better future for people and nature.

The little green frog on Dole fresh pineapples and Ecuador bananas is a mark of Dole’s longstanding association with the Rainforest Alliance. When you #FollowtheFrog, you’re not only shopping sustainably but you are also helping Dole continue the local work they do here in New Zealand.


Now it’s your turn

There are lots of ways that you can also take steps towards sustainable living. The most obvious are:

  • Growing your own food – this reduces the need for intensive farming, cuts down food miles, is better for you and your budget, and reconnects families to nature.
  • Reducing waste – composting, reusing, recycling, and reducing our waste takes the strain off large scale waste management and is better for our environment.
  • Walking, cycling, or taking public transport instead of using a personal vehicle – reduces carbon emissions, helps with traffic and roading management, and is healthier for you.

In addition you can also think about energy efficiency, reducing water usage, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals, etc. What steps could you and your family take towards sustainable living?

To learn more about the Dole Promise and Dole’s local sustainability efforts, head to, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Written by Julie Scanlon, Editor for Kidspot NZ with information provided by Dole New Zealand.

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