How To Keep Your Intimate Skin Happy

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Be honest, is your bathroom currently stocked with self-care products you had every intention of using, but now they’re just taking up room? We all do it. But if you break it down, there are only a few products that are actually going to give your body the nourishment and care that it needs (and after a few kids, what it deserves!).

A few of my favourite essentials for a little self-care are:

  • Body scrubs – My ideal treat is to cover myself in an exfoliating scrub that smells of a weird mix of apricots and coffee and just scrub myself from head to toe. My skin feels silky smooth afterwards and I get out of the shower feeling so flawless.
  • Face masks – I’m a big fan of whipping up my own with oats and honey but if you’re not so keen on the admin, a nice hydrating mask sheet is an easy way to pamper yourself in less than five minutes – great for when bub finally goes down for a nap.
  • Intimate wash – Ladies, you gotta give your vajay some extra TLC. You know you’ve spotted it at the supermarket and you’ve been curious to try it so why not treat your body with a little Femfresh?

Our intimate skin

Ever hear the term pH and think, what on Earth is everyone talking about? 

Simply put, the pH of your vagina refers to how healthy it is – that’s why it’s important to keep your pH happy. The average pH for your intimate areas skin (according to Healthline) is between 3.8 and 4.5 and the various levels help determine if you’re accidentally creating a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s not pretty, but it’s important for your health. 

There are a number of reasons why your pH may change, but to make sure you’re doing what you can for your wellness, products like Femfresh have been designed to leave you feeling fresh and clean while giving your intimate area the love it deserves.

femfresh daily intimate wash


Treat yourself to the femfresh daily intimate wash.

This bottle of daily intimate goodness is the perfect partner for a quick spruce in the shower. The specially designed formula is enriched with soothing aloe vera to keep intimate skin happy and feeling fresh all-day long.

  • With a hint of soothing aloe and calendula
  • pH-balanced for intimate skin
  • Dermatologically and
    gynaecologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic and soap free
  • Australian made

Why does it matter what you use?

While normal body washes smell delicious, they aren’t always the best products for your intimate skin. Not designed to help keep the pH balanced to your intimate areas skin, the chances of stripping the skin of its natural defences increases. In turn, this can result in irritation, odour and other general unpleasantness – who wants that?

That’s when Femfresh comes in. With products that have been crafted with care, their Intimate Care range has specifically been formulated to work harmoniously with all the natural goodness your body uses to keep you healthy from head to toe.

femfresh soothing wash

Enjoy hour after hour of that ‘aaaah’ feeling with femfresh Ultimate Care Soothing Wash.

Aaaah … and relax. Get that pampered feeling with these pH-balanced soothing suds. The specially designed formula contains probiotics to help stimulate skin’s natural defences and the cranberry and cornflower extracts gently hydrate. Then the MULTIActif complex leaves you feeling fresh all day, every day.
  • Enriched with hydrating cranberry and cornflower extracts
  • pH-balanced for intimate skin
  • Dermatologically and gynaecologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic and soap free
  • MULTIActif complex

How do you treat your body to a little self-care?

Written by Kidspot NZ for Femfresh

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