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Life is a series of emotional ups and downs and to safely navigate these and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing and uncertain world, our children need to be equipped with strong mind health skills.

Learning to regulate emotions, build self-awareness, boost resilience, and relate positively to others, are all important factors in growing healthy minds. From personal experience as a parent, this does not always come easily to many children.

Just recently I have experienced first-hand how the stresses of moving on to a new learning experience during a global pandemic can adversely affect even the most laidback child. My son found himself struggling to cope but also hesitated in approaching me for help, even though we have always had a close and supportive relationship.

We as parents can only do so much to help our kids and arm them with skills to cope with sticky situations outside of the home. Sometimes our kids need additional guidance and help when they come up against obstacles or experience big emotions. For a while now, parents have been increasingly seeking assistance from schools to implement mind health programmes. Being able to learn these skills in a familiar situation can be beneficial. And that’s where Pause Breathe Smile comes in!

Pause Breathe Smile

Originally developed at the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Pause Breathe Smile (PBS) doesn’t make their feelings and emotions go away, instead it helps children cope with them.

Here is what some recent participants say about Pause Breathe Smile:

  • PBS helps me to sleep at night, I can sleep on my own and I’m not scared
  • I don’t shout as much and it really helps at school with friends and tests.
  • PBS helps me calm down
  • When I’m annoyed I can make good choices
  • I don’t have a sore tummy and headaches when I go to school anymore
  • I can change my brain!!
  • After PBS, Mum says YES more!
  • My worries are not real and I don’t have to believe them
  • I use PBS before I play cricket when I am nervous and it helps. I try new things

A helping hand

Pause Breathe Smile started small, but now Southern Cross, New Zealand’s leading independent health and wellness provider, has joined forces with the Pause Breathe Smile Trust and The Mental Health Foundation to enable the Pause Breathe Smile programme to be available to any primary or intermediate school at no cost to the schools. This is such great news and will be a huge support to many families.

Pause Breathe Smile at your school

For more information on the Pause Breathe Smile programme and how to get it into your school, click here.

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