School Lockers Protect Students From Covid-19 In A Surprising Way

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An unlikely hero during the pandemic? School lockers are helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the classroom – here’s how.

The pandemic has been exhausting for virtually everyone (We’re ready for it to end any day now, ok? Thanks). But one could argue that schools, in particular, have suffered a bit more than the rest of us during these trying times.

According to Jaime Saavedra, the World Bank Global Director for Education, “The COVID-19 crisis brought education systems across the world to a halt,” going on to say that “The loss of learning that many children are experiencing is morally unacceptable. And the potential increase of Learning Poverty might have a devastating impact on future productivity, earnings, and well-being for this generation of children and youth, their families, and the world’s economies.”

With this unprecedented need for children to get back to learning, in America, schools have pledged to keep their doors open, in spite of the extremely contagious new variant omicron.

Protecting students from Covid-19 with the help of an unlikely hero – school lockers

As the class is back in session around the world, schools are relying on strict hygiene policies in order to keep students safe and to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in the classroom.

One of these new hygiene policies? All personal belongings from home go straight into school lockers upon arrival.

This might sound like an insignificant rule, but it seems to be having a huge impact. Mostly because things like tablets, phones, toys, and lunch boxes, are packed full of bacteria and germs, carried from students’ homes.

The best way to avoid the transfer of these germs from home to the classroom is to limit what students bring into the classroom, as well as ensure that all students properly wear masks and sanitize their hands often.

Students’ lockers have proven that they are more than capable of acting as a kind of sanitary lockbox, keeping germs well enough outside of the classroom.

How lockers for schools are acting as students’ allies, beyond the threat of Covid

Extra security

Leaving most belongs in their lockers throughout the day, though, might be considered a bit risky, bringing the question of theft into mind.

However, school lockers today probably aren’t what you had when you yourself were a primary school student. Today, high-quality lockers provide students with a much higher level of security, ensuring that their belongings are stored safely throughout the school day.

But a high level of security and anti-covid superpowers aren’t the only way that lockers units are working to improve the well-being of students.


Lockers also provide students with something that’s becoming an increasingly important component of their day.

Providing students with a comfortable and personalized space is of utmost importance these days, as stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic have been a constant threat to students’ mental well-being.

Today, school lockers are designed with the students themselves in mind. They are made to be able to store all personal belongings while maintaining a customizable and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Both of which play an important role in reducing students’ and teachers’ anxiety.


Well ventilated space is especially important these days, and locker manufacturers have kept this in mind. High-quality school lockers come in many different styles, but one aspect that most locker variations have, is a well build ventilation design, ensuring proper airflow.

And finally, another important function of new-age lockers for schools, is that they are designed to minimize clutter in the hallways. I don’t know about you, but I can remember during my days as a student, that my favourite place to store random objects, was on top of my locker, for reasons unknown.

One of the most popular sellers on the market today, is the slanted top locker, which offers added ventilation while simultaneously prohibiting students from storing anything on top of lockers.


While we do our best to get life back on track and to get our students back in the classroom for good, we really should take a moment to thank our allies in the fight against Covid-19.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, and the tried-and-true school lockers. While safe and secure personal storage might not make the headlines on the news, it is an important aspect of our educational faculties and plays a big role in the well-being of our students’ lives, during the pandemic and beyond.

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