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For many, choosing a mattress is one of the most difficult purchasing decisions. A good night’s sleep is super important but there are so many variables including comfort, price, and convenience of delivery when choosing a mattress that it can make finding the perfect one feel like it’s a lottery.

We take a look at the award-winning mattress from Emma Sleep, and discover how they have made mattress buying easy.

Introducing Emma

Although Emma Sleep is new to New Zealand, these sleep experts have been honing their skills and technology in Europe since 2013.

“At the heart of what we do is helping people all over the world awaken their best through a transformational night of good sleep.”

The Emma mattress has been developed through a research-driven approach by a team of experts including engineers, material experts, product designers, and even neuroscientists, whose work has been recognised with more than 30 awards from around the world.

Emma Sleep

Emma Sleep have invested more than $5 million dollars into research and development and they have one of the most advanced testing labs for mattresses in the world.

What’s in a mattress?

The sleep experts at Emma Sleep have designed a mattress scientifically designed to give you a perfect sleep.

The top layer is removable, machine washable, and temperature-regulating. Under that is a layer of eco-friendly foam that is engineered to ensure any movement from a partner will not disturb your sleep.

The next layer down is a pressure-relieving layer with 7 zones so that no matter what position you sleep in, you will be comfortable. All of these are on top of a layer of supportive point-elastic foam that provides excellent spinal support.

The Emma mattress is available in all sizes from single through to super king, so no matter how big or small you or your space is, there is an Emma mattress that’s perfect for you.

Make it easy with Emma

The beauty of the Emma mattress is that you can purchase it from home – no more driving around town, lying on beds in showrooms and feeling anxious as you try to decide which one is the best.

Your new Emma mattress will be delivered free to your door in an easy to manoeuvre cardboard box. Simply pop it on your base and unbox it and watch the fun as it unfurls before your eyes.

100 nights to decide

Emma Sleep

You have 100 nights, instead of five minutes in a showroom, to decide if the Emma mattress is the one for you.

Emma is so confident of their mattresses that all you need to do is flick them an email if you decide the mattress is not for you, and they will refund you the full amount – no hidden fees, no removal costs.

You really can sleep happy with an Emma mattress.

The price is right

With all this science, expertise, comfort, and convenience you would be forgiven for thinking that the Emma mattress will cost you thousands – but Emma are happy to prove you wrong!

Emma want to ensure that their mattresses are an excellent option all around for parents – and this includes offering them at very affordable prices. Check out their current special offers – you will be stoked you did!

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