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Merry Christmas everybody! Too early? Not for Santa and his Christmas Elves it’s not! Santa and his North Pole team – his elves, trusty reindeer and Mrs Claus of course, are already in full Christmas mode preparing for their busiest night of the year … and NZ Post is just as busy delivering all the Christmas mail – including those to Father Christmas himself!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year in our family, with Christmas Day being just a few short weeks away for us parents, but a lifetime away for the kiddies! To help the time go a bit faster as the kids wait for that magical day of the year, Santa and NZ Post have created something a little extra special – a Ho Ho Homepage where kids can sneak a peek at all Santa’s favourite games and activities.

Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage

While Alex the Postie is busy delivering all the mail to Santa at the North Pole, kids can have fun exploring Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage.

There are lots of fun, engaging kid friendly games and activities that are in the spirit of Christmas including:

  • Keep an eye on the Elves and have fun waking them up when they’ve gone to sleep on the job, on the Elf and Safety Cam game
  • Listen to Santa’s top Elf DJ Tinsel Tunes on North Pole FM
  • Guess what’s in the Christmas gifts as they move along the conveyor belt
  • Check out Santa’s Holiday Pics from years gone by
  • Sneak a peek at Santa’s Inbox

Featuring festive illustrations, kids of all ages are bound to have fun.

Visit Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage

We’re off to the North Pole!

The kids had lots of fun with the games and activities on the Ho Ho Homepage. There’s an “Elf and Safety cam” (I see what they did there) where the little ones helped Santa keep an eye on his workshop and hit the “wake up” button to wake up any sleepy elves. They’re not over worked – we all know that elves just like to take naps as often as possible! The hooter noise was delightful – for the kids, who booped it repeatedly whether the elves were snoozing or not.

ho ho homepage

We got to have a sneaky look – with Santa’s permission – at Santa’s email inbox! This was particularly sweet and engaging as the boys sat listening to me reading out the emails from Mrs Claus, various elves, reindeer and even The Easter Bunny, breaking news from the North Pole Bulletin and an insightful email from Sam’s parents! The kids really enjoyed each little email, a little snippet of a story of the happenings at the most secretive place on earth.

Guess the present!

The Gift Guesser game, where the kids guess what’s inside the wrapped gift, was “easy peasy lemon squeezy” (direct quote) for the 6 year old, and a simple challenge for the 3 year old who needed help reading the choice of answers. Pretty fun, what child doesn’t love to guess what’s inside the present at Christmas!

We had a look through Santa’s photo library, a few colourful animated snaps of Santa’s world with one capturing the imagination of the 6 year old – new sleigh designs! Finally we listened to North Pole FM. Top Elf DJ Tinsel Tunes kept up the Christmas cheer, the feet tapping and the kids humming with a few top Christmas tunes, and a few news alerts along the way. The kids enjoyed having North Pole FM playing in the background as they shifted through the various games and activities on the Ho Ho Homepage. But just remember Mums and Dads, you’re not allowed to sing or dance, try not to take it personally!

Santa's Desktop

Don’t forget to write to Santa!

Of course you can write a letter to Santa too! Explore and enjoy the Ho Ho Homepage or Write a letter to Santa by visiting

NZ Post’s ‘Write to Santa’ website, where children can create a letter online to Santa for Alex the Postie to deliver to the North Pole is ready and waiting for you. Kids can design their own special letter for Santa. It’s easy to do, drag and drop their favourite items from fairy lights, to candy canes and lots more to make their letter to Santa special.

They might need your help to make sure their name and address is correct then press send! Alex the Postie will be sure to deliver it to Santa!

If Santa receives a message by 22nd of November, he’ll mail back a personalised postcard to say a huge thank you. But don’t worry if you miss the deadline as he’ll reply to any online letters received between 23rd of November and 22nd December by email.

Write a special letter to Santa now

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