What’s On The Christmas Wishlists This Year?

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Along with his Elves and trusty reindeer, Santa is ready and waiting to receive wish lists from Kiwi kids of all ages.

To help Kiwi kids get those important wishlists on their way, NZ Post’s special ‘Write to Santa’ website is back for another year to add an extra sprinkle of magic to the festive season by helping kids create a letter for Alex the Postie to deliver to Santa at the North Pole.

How to write to Santa

Children can visit nzpost.co.nz/writetosanta and write their own special letter to Santa. They might need your help to make sure their name and address is correct then press send! Alex the Postie, who does the postal run to the North Pole every year, will be sure to deliver it to Santa!

If Santa receives a message by 22nd of November, he will deliver a personalised response to your letterbox. If he receives a message between 23rd of November and 22nd of December, he’ll email it instead.

Write to Santa now

Santa hasn’t forgotten the teachers

If you’re a teacher of a primary school or early childhood education centre, you can arrange non-personalised postcards to be sent to all of the children in the classroom.

Visit www.nzpost.co.nz/teacherswritetosanta to fill out Santa’s form by 15th of November. Santa will then send the postcards for all the kids in the class by approximately 8th of December. Teachers are welcome to email teacherswritetosanta@nzpost.co.nz if they have any questions.

Santa’s Desktop

Santa's desktop

When the children are finished writing letters, there’s also loads of fun to be had exploring Santa’s Ho Ho Homepage. They can play games, check out the latest snapshots from the arctic circle, listen to some merry tunes on North Pole FM and so much more.

What’s on those wishlists this year?

If your child needs a little inspiration for their letter to Santa, check out what our Kidspot kids are wishing for this year. Plus, we have a cute printable for the kids to be able to share their own wishlist with friends and family.

Download the printable wishlist

Meet Dakiah, age 9

Dakiah loves Robots, she wants to be a Robotic engineer when she grows up. She loves building things out of boxes or anything she can find, and she knows that she has to try really hard at school so that she can get to be a robot builder, so she’s top of her class at maths (her favourite subject). She also is very into the environment, and is an eco warrior at school and makes sure that everything is recyclable or compostable at home…. No plastic bags allowed in our house!

Dakiah’s building a garden with her Dad and they have planted lots of vege’s and her potatoes and mint are growing so big, she is super proud as they have built an irrigation system together that is making everything grow. Her Dad and her are hoping to use the vege’s from her garden when they cook together.

Favourite reindeer: Rudolf because of his nose!

Favourite thing to do: Playing on her ipad, and watching movies, and calling her favourite friend Tayla to have a catch up or play with their dolls online together,

Christmas Wishlist: Robot book, watch, and games to play when camping

Meet Indie, age 8

Indie is a little mother hen, always looking out for those around her and helping others whenever she can. She has a fabulous imagination and loves to create experiences for others such as scavenger hunts, home spas, and even has her own “cafe” every morning where she takes over the coffee machine and makes her dad and I real coffee!

Favourite reindeer: Dasher – ‘because they are fast like me!’

Favourite thing to do: Hanging with friends, baking up a storm and competing in cheerleading competitions.

Christmas Wishlist: Our Generation Goodnight glow bedroom set and to be out of lockdown!

Meet Toby, age 9

Toby has two big brothers and between the three of them life is action-packed. Toby loves being outdoors and playing running games, touch, and cricket. He also loves biking, swimming, and carving it up at the skatepark. His favourite way to refuel is eating pizza!

Favourite reindeer: Blitzen

Favourite thing to do: Playing outdoor games with his brothers and friends.

Christmas Wishlist: An iPad, LEGO set, and clothes (especially sweatshirts) in his favourite colours of blue, black, purple.

Meet Thea, age 6

Thea is our little sass queen, full of confidence! She is forever dancing, tumbling and practising her cheerleading moves – if there’s a camera, she’s there in front of it.

Thea also has a big heart, is very protective of her friends and family and loves creatures both big and small.

Favourite reindeer: Rudolph – “because he’s at the front and has a big, red shiny nose”.

Favourite thing to do: Play with my friends – I can’t wait to see them after lockdown.

Christmas Wishlist: An Our Generation Doll

This article was written for Kidspot with information supplied by NZ Post.

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