Why Probiotics Are Great For Little Tummies

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There is more and more evidence that healthy gut bacteria has a significant impact on overall health, and that probiotics play an integral role in promoting an optimal balance of bacteria in the gut.

Find out what probiotics are, how they can benefit kids health, and how to include them in your child’s diet.

What are probiotics?

While we often think of bacteria as bad, there are many bacteria in our body that are beneficial to our health. Probiotics are one of these – they are ‘good’ because they help keep the ‘second brain’ of the body (the gut and digestive system) in good working condition. There are two types of probiotic – lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Probiotics are different from prebiotics – prebiotics are the non-digestible food ingredients (fibre) that, when consumed, help with the growth and function of ‘good’ probiotic gut bacteria in the gut. Probiotics and prebiotics work together.

Eating food that contain probiotics helps directly increase your child’s gut’s ratio of good bacteria to bad.

What is the role of the gut in overall health?

Over the past decade or so, understanding of the gut’s vital role in almost every aspect of our health is growing. It is now clear that gut bacteria plays a vital role in supporting a child’s immune system, their ability to absorb nutrients, their growth, and even their mental health. Signs of poor gut health include skin conditions, diarrhoea, and viral infections.

Gut heroes for li’l tums

Probiotics can be found in fermented foods such as yoghurt, kefir, and kombucha, as well as in supplements, but an easy way to increase the presence of this good bacteria in your child’s gut is with The Collective Kefir Probots – fun, convenient and super tasty yoghurt pouches that help to get the good bugs in and keep the winter bugs away. With 13 active culture strains, Probots are a great way to deliver billions of live probiotics to those li’l tums.

The Collective Kefir Probots come in five delicious kid-friendly flavours; Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Boysenberry, and Banana, and are available at most leading supermarkets nationwide. Probots are lactose-free, contain no added sugar, and no artificial flavours or colours. Probots are perfect to pop in lunch boxes or for an after school snack. (RRP: Probots 100g $1.90; Probots 4 pack $6.)

Find out more about The Collective Kefir Probots here. 

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