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Escape Rooms Queenstown – Escape Quest

Find us at: 53 Shotover Street, Queenstown
Email: marketing@escapequest.co.nz
Phone: 03 442 4948
Website: www.escapequest.co.nz

Can you Escape the Room in time? Play our physical Escape Rooms or our virtual reality Escape Rooms! In our physical Escape Rooms you and your teammates will step into Queenstown’s 1860s gold rush, crack the codes, solve the puzzles and try to Escape in 60 minutes! Based on real crimes, places and people, play local history! Our physical games are immersive with integrated technology and mechanics, authentic handcrafted props and richly themed rooms. Our VR Escape Rooms are no video games! For an entire hour, you’ll be fully immersed in a mind-blowing, virtual reality world. Together with your teammates, go on an amazing adventure and experience an Escape not possible in real life.

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