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Grossr – Making Meal Planning & Shopping Easy

Love meal kit convenience, but wish it was more affordable?

By seamlessly connecting recipes to online supermarket shopping, @Grossr provides a meal kit experience – with regular supermarket prices. Get all the recipe inspiration and convenience, without the meal kit markup!

Select a meal plan for the week, automatically generate a customisable ingredient list and then auto-shop ingredients through online supermarket shopping, or shop easily in-store.

Each week you can try new a whole new meal plan from local chefs or, if you prefer, tweak it with a few family faves. Grossr takes the guesswork out of meal planning and shopping.

Such a cool concept that works better than I had imagined! The supermarket integration is so good, and it’s brilliant that you can remove your staples.
– Charlie

Kidspot is delighted to be one of Grossr’s recipe partners bringing you easy, affordable, and quick recipes with young families in mind.

  • Top up on essentials and remove ingredients you already have

  • Get supermarket products at their usual price – no extra mark up

  • Enjoy new recipes each week including a dessert

  • Recipes options include a mix of vegetarian, meat and fish options, super quick and slow-cooker recipes

  • Recipes are easy to scale in size to match your family’s appetite

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