Baby and kids travel gear

We all know how much easier it is for us to cope with a long road trip or plane ride if we have the bits and pieces we need. Well, the same goes for the kids. Here’s a few suggestions for babies through to older kids to make travelling just as fun as the destination.

Tips babies and kids travel gear


Give the kids their own digital camera and view your holiday through their eyes. Fisher Price make a real-life, kid-tough, digital camera designed for chubby hands. Naturally it comes in blue and pink, cleverly has two-eye viewing (ever seen a child try to wink?), and works just like a grown-up version, allowing you to store and print the pictures. Also, it’ll serve as a sturdy back up when the kids lose yours.

Neck Support

Support little necks from flopping during travel with a  neck support pillow.

Wheely Bag

Kids will be more likely to want to carry their own bag if it’s a cute pull along  and even better if you get a style that they can sit on it while you pull them along!

Baby wearing

A baby sling or toddler carrier is essential for travelling away from home.  It is so much easier to move through the airport with your luggage and more compact to pack and carry while out and about as well.

Bottle Warmer

An in-car bottle warmer is like manna from heaven, for everyone.

Hiring baby equipment

Hiring your baby equipment once you arrive at your destination makes sense when you realise you’ve got the porta-cot, highchair, baby backpack, stroller, pram, baby capsule, toddler car seat and bassinet all lined up at the front door and nobody has started packing yet.

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