Celebrate Māori Language Week with Mahi Pai!

Head to Westfield Manukau this weekend to celebrate Māori Language Week with Mahi Pai!

On Saturday 15th September at 12pm, shoppers will be treated to an interactive children’s show by the South Auckland group, Mahi Pai. The show teaches the audience about Māori culture, whakapapa (history), te reo Māori pronunciation, and highlighting this year’s Māori Language Week theme ‘Kia Kaha te Reo Māori’ meaning ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong’. A meet and greet with the characters will take place after the show has ended.

What is Mahi Pai?

Mahi Pai is a fun and exciting way to learn te reo Māori and NZ sign language. Mahi Pai present an exhilarating action packed fun show consisting of six life sized taniwha characters. The taniwha deliver a fast paced, high vibe, musical live stage show captivating children’s interest and excitement! Combining their awesome activities of dance, movement and kapahaka with hip hop, pop, funk and jazzy music!

Mahi Pai is for everyone! Mahi Pai celebrates uniqueness, diversity and culture, building on children’s confidence that language, culture and abilities are valued by society. Encouraging children to express their uniqueness, having pride in their identity and a strong sense of belonging.

During the show children will learn from a selection of 5 themes, each theme teaches te reo Māori and NZ sign language for example days of the week, weather, months of the year etc. Each theme has a upbeat fun musical that brings together all of the new learning by performing and participating in the show.

Meet the taniwha

Each taniwha have their own personalities and have very special attributes and unique qualities! The taniwha have individual messages of encouragement that they like to share with children and their audience.

Kamaka – He is strong and confident, He is a leader! He says “Kia kaha- be strong and korero Māori as much as you can”

Kori – Is sporty and enjoys playing hard! He says “Kia kaha – be strong play hard and try hard”

Kaitiaki – She is an environmentalist and loves to look after the land and the sea. She says “Kia kaha – be strong, don’t litter! be a tidy Kiwi, and try hard to say our beautiful place names properly”

Ihi – He is a superhero, he loves to save the day! He says “Kia kaha – Korero Māori everyone, we need to save our language”

Aroha – Aroha loves everyone, she has lots of friends and is very caring. She says “Kia kaha – be strong and help each other out, you can teach people to korero Māori”

Waiata – Waiata loves to sing and dance! She says “Kia kaha – be strong and express your talents, snging is a great way to learn te reo Māori”

When and where?

  • Centre Court, Westfield Manukau, Cnr Great South Road & Manukau Station Road, Manukau City, Auckland.
  • Saturday, 15th September, 12pm
  • Free
  • For more information, visit the Westfield Manukau event page.

This article was written by Julie Scanlon, Editor for Kidspot New Zealand with content supplied.

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