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Another gorgeous book from the author who both wrote and illustrated award winning book Puffin the Architect, Kimberly Andrews. This time we meet Hound, a brilliant detective who sniffs and solves cases like a k9 Sherlock Holmes.

It’s uncanny how often my kids happen to mention something about something and next minute the Puffin Book of the Month book we receive touches on the very subject. Hound the Detective is yet another example! My 6 year old is obsessed with a YouTube show that’s recently been solving mysteries and riddles with clues, it’s been a source of much entertainment and triggered a clue deciphering passion. This book has coincidently landed in his lap at this time! 

Hound the Detective

Hound is a detective who always solves his case, and we can track right alongside him as his super sleuth sidekicks. Searching for clues hidden in the pictures we can help Hound solve the riddle to a delightful and surprising end.

I’m Hound! And I’m a sleuth.

I solve all types of cases.

I sniff and snuff until my nose

detects the clues and traces.

Missing jewels, stolen cars —

I always solve the crime.

My latest case arrived by post.

Ha ha — detecting time!

Hound the Detective

The most gorgeous thing about this book is the illustrations which fully capture and engage its audience from 3 years old up to Nanna and Poppa! Each page pops with colour and intrigue. Filled to the brim with possible clues and cues, characters and… maps. The kids eyes darted all over the pages soaking up all that they could see. Over bridges, passing houses, a mansion and stopping at the train station. Lakes and log cabins, villages and shops. Each location on each page my super sleuths wanted to pore over the page spotting all they could find, not just to find the likely clue but to take it all into their big widen eyes! Hiding bear and a baking platypus, suspicious packages and the village map enthralled the gang as they tried to follow Hound’s paw steps and place the clues he’s sniffed out. The elaborate illustrations truely set the scene from beginning to end, and beginning to end again… and again.

Hound the Detective

The kiddies can help as little or as much as they like, Hound really is a brilliant detective discovering his clues and easily leading the way with his case notes as we read the simple and colourful writing. How much or how little you spend poring the pages is completely up the super sleuth sidekicks!

We thoroughly enjoyed reading Hound the Detective, it’s a visually beautiful book full of intrigue and was a lot of fun for the family to read!

Ronnie Swainston
Written by Ronnie Swainston

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