Little Hector Meets Mini Maui by Ruth Paul

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Little Hector Meets Mini Maui by Ruth Paul is a sweet story that takes children under the sea where they explore the importance of friendship and family. Check out our review below ⬇️

little hectorIn Little Hector’s third adventure, the Hector’s dolphin goes on a holiday to visit his Maui relatives – the rarest dolphins in the world.

In the sparkling third adventure of Little Hector, our daring hero meets his special Maui cousins and learns about friendship.

Little Hector is off on a holiday to meet his rare and special cousin, Mini Maui. For the first time in his life, Hector is the BIGGER dolphin. But Mini thinks he’s BOSSY. Will they ever be friends?

The third story in award-winning author Ruth Paul’s Little Hector series introduces readers to the world’s smallest and rarest dolphin species – and shows that friendship isn’t about size, it’s about sharing.

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Jaxon and his mum review Little Hector Meets Mini Maui

Learning about the ocean has been a class topic for Jaxon this past term, so he already knew a few facts about Hector’s dolphins and this very sweet story was a great way to reinforce how precious our sea life is. Instead of me reading the book to him, he read it to me as it’s a good read for a 7-year old – there aren’t any complicated words and the way the text is integrated onto the gorgeous illustrations made it feel quite different to his school reading books.

The story is about Little Hector going on a little family trip to meet his cousins, the Maui dolphins, the last in that line of his family. He’s not that excited about it at first, but when he meets his little cousin Mini Maui he’s quite surprised at how similar to him she looks, and that she is smaller than him – he’d never met another dolphin smaller than himself. They play together but, being bigger than Mini, Hector becomes quite bossy while Mini does her best to keep up and not disappoint her big cousin.

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jaxon little hector

After a while though, Mini doesn’t appreciate the roles they’ve fallen into and ends up teaching him a lesson. They both realize that playing together is a lot more fun when you work together and teach each other new things rather than being so competitive all the time. When you’re 7 years old, this can be a recurring theme in your own playtime too, so Jaxon could relate to this!

The story shows the importance of family and working together but through the eyes of a little dolphin, with the scenic illustrations making this a delightful read – especially if your child is particularly interested in the ocean and sea animals. Another wonderful reason to buy this book is that $1 from each book sold goes to the NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust – so buy one for your kids and your nieces and nephews for Christmas, and keep a stash in your present cupboard so you have a gift ready for all those birthday parties your kids get invited to. It’s a meaningful book for a good cause and well worth adding to your bookshelf.

Grab your copy of Little Hector Meets Mini Maui now. For every book sold, $1 is donated to NZ Whale and Dolphin Trust.

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