The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne by Jonathan Stroud | Kids Book Review

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Jonathan Stroud brings young readers an exciting adventure packed with mystery, humour and action. Jonathan’s previous young adult novels, the Lockwood & Co. series and the bestselling Bartimaeus trilogy, are gaining huge popularity around the world.

Set in a broken, future England, where gunfights and monsters collide, this is the exciting first title in a phenomenal fantasy teen series by the bestselling children’s novelist.

See what our Kid Reviewer Connor thought about The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne below ⬇️

London’s outlaws

England has been radically changed by a series of catastrophes – large cities have disappeared and London has been replaced by a lagoon. The surviving population exists in fortified towns where they cling to traditional ways, while strangely evolved beasts prowl the wilderness beyond. Conformity is rigidly enforced and those who fall foul of the rules are persecuted: some are killed, others are driven out into the wilds.

Only a few fight back – and two of these outlaws, Scarlett McCain and Albert Browne, display an audacity and talent that makes them legends.

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