10 Clothing Styles Your Man Should Avoid Wearing To Social Events

Ever got ready for a social event, you’re looking amazing only to have your man be totally underdressed or inappropriately dressed compared to you? You look mismatched and frankly what he’s wearing is a little embarrassing.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could stop him doing this? Well let’s tell him what’s considered inappropriate for a social event and rid him of these style train wrecks.

1. Sweatpants

Just as they are named, you wear them for exercising or lounging around your home, that’s it. Jeans or chinos are the correct choice.

2. Boardshorts

If he’s not going to be surfing at this social event then he shouldn’t be wearing them. He should swap for a pair of dress shorts with belt loops, throw on a nice T, a polo or short sleeve button up shirt to elevate his look.

3. Sports jerseys

Rugby, football, baseball and other team jerseys are only appropriate for wearing to a game, if not he shouldn’t be wearing it out. A plain T, polo or a button down shirt are much better options.

4. Plastic footwear e.g. Jandals or Crocs

Plastic footwear! They’re for wearing to the beach or anywhere your feet might get wet, that’s it. He should swap them for a nice pair of dress trainers.

5. Logo T shirts

Logo T shirts are for boys not men, try a plain T, polo or button up short sleeve shirt instead.

6. Exercise sneakers

They’re only for exercising, not socialising. He should instead wear a pair of dress trainers.

7. Unironed clothing

Sorry there is no excuse – it’s just not good enough.

8. Worn out clothes

He clearly needs to invest more time and money in himself and improve his wardrobe. He needs to go shopping.

9. Clothes with stains

Clothes with stains scream you don’t care about your appearance. Either he should rewash them or dispose of them thoughtfully.

10. Dirty or scuffed shoes

It doesn’t take much effort to clean your shoes. Buy him a shoe cleaning kit for his next Valentines, Birthday or Christmas present! He’ll get the message!

How disappointing it must be for you, and I apologise on behalf of all the men out there that are letting the men’s team down. Come on guys, put some more effort in and not only feel good about yourself, but make your partner proud too. It’s not hard, it’s just thoughtful.

simon scottWritten by Simon Scott

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Simon is a menswear stylist with a love of travel, working out and getting dressed up! He has a passion for helping men dress better and there is nothing he loves more than seeing a well dressed couple out together.

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