Every Well Dressed Man Needs One Of These

Would you like to know something that gets men interested in their clothing and appearance and at the same time makes them look sharper and more put together?

This is something that most men don’t do but when they experience it for the first time they are blown away. It changes them forever. Are you ready for it? Simply find them a good tailor and get them to get their clothes tailored.

Maybe it’s the engineer in him, maybe it’s the way the shape of the clothes change, maybe it’s that he’s putting more effort into his appearance, maybe it’s because it’s customised to him, maybe it’s all of those of things, but one thing is for sure if you can get him to experience tailored clothing he should be hooked forever.

Tailoring tweaks

All of the best dressed men in the world get their clothes tailored. In fact the highest level of mens clothing in the world is bespoke or tailor made and for good reason – it looks so good.

If you have invested your hard earned money into good quality clothing, having tailoring tweaks will ensure the perfect fit and while everything looks better after it has been tailored its generally not worth having cheaper items tailored.

Finding a good tailor

There are some key steps to finding a good tailor:

  1. The tailor needs to be in a convenient location otherwise it may be all too hard for him. You are going to need to find him a tailor that is either 1. close to his work 2. close to home or 3. open on a Saturday.
  2.  Google “men’s clothing alterations + location”.
  3. Read some of their google reviews.
  4. Click on their website, get a general feel for it.
  5. Call and ask if they can shorten a jacket sleeve from the shoulder. If they can, then they are a tailor not a seamster. This allows you to get a feel for their customer service approach too.

Getting started

Try and make it quick and painless for him on the first visit so grab a maximum of three pieces to start on the first visit. A pair of jeans or chinos that need shortening, a shirt that needs a tweak.

Make sure you also grab a pair of shoes and belt for any trousers, pants, jeans or chinos that you might want shortened. It’s really important that he puts the shoes and belt on and then tucks in his top before they measure for the shortening.

At the first pick up and also take some more items in hand ready to keep this tailoring ball rolling. Each time he goes he’ll feel more confident and comfortable at the tailors.

Before too long he’ll be saying “I can’t believe more men don’t use tailors”

simon scottWritten by Simon Scott

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Simon is a menswear stylist with a love of travel, working out and getting dressed up! He has a passion for helping men dress better and there is nothing he loves more than seeing a well dressed couple out together.

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