Conquer the Laundry Pile in 3 Easy Steps

Most of us will close our eyes and wish up a fairy godmother when we see a pile of dirty laundry. Those who actually enjoy doing the laundry are few and far between and, quite possibly, from another planet. You sort, you wash, you fold, you turn around and the pile seems to have grown larger. Here’s some tips for conquering the laundry pile before it gets so big that there’s a shortage of oxygen at the top!


Use a divided laundry cart or several hampers so that family members can help with the sorting, whether it’s into whites and colours or separating out soiled and work clothes.

Put socks into mesh washing bags before putting them in the washer. This makes it easier to collect them all from the machine and helps avoid them getting lost in duvet covers and up sleeves.

If your mornings are chaotic (and let’s face it, who’s aren’t?) then put a load of washing in the machine the night before and set up ready to go so you’ll be the first one with your laundry out on the line the next morning (yes, we all want to be first!).

The laundry room

Set yourself up with a few necessities. First is a rubbish bin for the lint and multitudes of tissues you’ll rescue from the pockets. Secondly is a container to store all the other bits and pieces, like small toys, receipts and the washer woman’s favourite – money! One more container is for those dreaded odd socks until they find a partner. Also keep a clothes horse nearby for those items that you can’t throw in the dryer on wet days.

Give your laundry cupboard a good clean out and give away anything that’s still usable but that you don’t want. Make sure you have a back up supply of washing powder, fabric softener and stain remover so that you’re not tempted to use running out as an excuse for not doing the laundry. If you buy in bulk, keep some powder in a small tub that’s easier to use each day rather than lugging around that big box.

Folding and ironing

This is probably the worst part so make it as pleasant as possible. Make sure your workspace is at a good height that’s not straining your back. Some people prefer to fold laundry whilst watching the TV or listening to some favourite music. Whatever makes you happy is the key!

Even small children can put away their own socks and underwear. But remember, they will be more willing if it’s fun. So get them to play the sock game where you dump all the clean socks in a heap on the table and they have to see who can make the most matches.

It’s also easier for kids to put away their clothes if they actually have some space in their drawers. So have a clean out and take out all the clothes that no longer fit or that you know they will never wear.

What’s your top tip for keeping the laundry pile under control?

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  1. Alezandra 03/03/2019 at 10:30 pm

    Ever since Marie Kondo, I’ve now enjoyed doing laundry. 🙂 After doing the de-cluttering and her teaching us the way to tackle clothes. It has been a joy now. The tips here help and complementary to what she has taught.

  2. kymmage 01/03/2019 at 6:05 am

    I don’t mind washing and drying things but putting them away has always been an issue. My one tip would be don’t buy things that need an iron at all. Cuts out so much faffing about.

  3. MuddledUpMolly 27/02/2019 at 3:49 pm

    I have never had an issue keeping the laundry under control and I find it unusual that people struggle with this. We are hoping to completely renovate our laundry in the near future so there are some great organisational tips here that I will take into account.

  4. SarahBlair 27/02/2019 at 1:28 pm

    I don’t mind doing the laundry and if I do it every day I can keep it down to 2-3 loads a day. The folding is fine but ironing… I hate it, I only iron my husbands work shirts but still I try to avoid it until it piles up and I have to iron about 6-7 shirts at once!

  5. dawnblyth 27/02/2019 at 11:11 am

    Keep up with washing and regularly everyday then it’s not as much to do all at once

  6. felicity beets 24/02/2019 at 8:59 am

    Different laundry baskets for clean washing for sorting clothes into who it belongs to as well as a drying rack that pulls down from the ceiling has been helpful for us.

  7. Shorrty4life1 13/02/2019 at 12:44 pm

    I always do mine at night after all have had showers and in their night wear. That way it doesn’t keep coming and the basket is empty to make up to. I also hang it out at night then that’s one less task I have to do in the morning.

  8. Jen_Wiig 13/02/2019 at 12:42 pm

    I really domt have tips on laundry… Im shocking… I can get it washed and dry no issues, its getting it folded thats my downfall… MASSIVELY.. We have a constant what ive called “Mt Washmore” thats goes from scaling Mt Everest to a little hill… Its just constant esp with 3 boys.
    I was told that washing is better when kids go to a school with uniform… Im yet to see the results of that tip but thats prob only one i have

  9. Bevik1971 06/02/2019 at 3:50 pm

    My partner does almost all of the washing as he has been stay at home Dad and I work full-time, so I really don’t need to worry too much 🙂 He finds that doing a small load of each, towels and clothes etc each day helps to keep it under control. There are times though when he has other stuff on that it piles up a wee bit, but I do some in the weekends anyway so not a big deal.

  10. Mands1980 06/02/2019 at 10:10 am

    I hate doing the washing but am super organised as I can’t stand washing hanging around. I wash daily hang it out and fold it all in the same day as long as it’s not wet and the kids help put away there things. The only thing I struggle with is ironing my husbands work shirts lucky he has 3 of them.

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