Cool party food recipes for boys

Boys love cool party food. If your little man is about to turn of age, check out these fun party food ideas for fellas. From scary spider biscuits and jelly cup snakes, to traffic cake pops and tasty pizza submarines, there’s a recipe here to appeal to every little party boy guest.


Boys’ party food recipe: Snakes Alive jelly cups

What child doesn’t love the taste of jelly? With a few packets of jelly and lolly snakes you can give normal jelly a cool twist by making these ‘Snakes Alive jelly cups’. Little boys will just love slurping them down.

Try the Snakes Alive jelly cups recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Choc chip beetles

These little cakes are suprisingly easy to make, and with a few minutes of easy decoration you’ve got some choc chip beetles that  look great ‘crawling’ over the party table.

Try the choc chip beetles recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Mini pizza torpedoes

Pizza torpedos are not only dead easy, you can top them with whatever toppings your child loves. And the smell of these mini pizzas will have little mouths watering.

Try the mini pizza torpedoes recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Traffic light cake pops

Traffic light cake pops are deliciously easy. All you need is bought cake, some dipping chocolate and a few smarties. And what party guest doesn’t love food-on-a-stick?

Try the traffic light cake pops recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Red back spider biscuits

Party treats that need no cooking are the best kind!  These red back spider biscuits look super-cool and you don’t even need to turn the oven on to make them. How easy is that?

Try the red back spider biscuits recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Frog cupcakes

Turn a basic cupcake into something spectacular by making little frogs. They’re oh-so-easy to decorate, and all you need to make them is sitting in your pantry right now…

Try the frog cupcakes recipe


Boys’ party food recipe: Spooky pumpkin cupcakes

Avoid the standard cupcake and try these pumpkin snake cakes instead. Not only do they offer an alternative to overly-sugary cupcakes, they sneak in a serve of vegies onto the party table, too.

Try the spooky pumpkin cupcakes recipe



Boys’ party food recipe: Watermelon fangs

Just because it’s a boys’ birthday party doesn’t mean healthy fresh fruit should be left off the menu. These scary “fangs” look and taste great – and all you need is two ingredients.

Try the watermelon fangs recipe



Boys’ party food recipe: Mini hot dogs

What child doesn’t love hotdogs? These mini cocktail frankfurters are just as tasty as the big boy ones and are perfectly party-sized. Simply serve them with a dollop of tomato sauce.

Try the mini hot dogs recipe


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