On The Go Snacks For Busy Kids

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Sports and other out-of-school activities are great for kids to have fun while developing a new passion. Keep those busy kids refuelled whilst on the go with these easy and nutritious snack ideas.

After-school activities, whether a team or individual sport, extra-curricular activities, or even just a playdate with a friend, are a good chance for children to explore interests, extend their social circle, and have some fun after a day of school focus.

Refuelling kids with nutritious snacks can be a challenge when out and about, but instead of buying something that may be less than ideal, there are easy snacks that you can make ahead of time and quickly grab on your way out the door.

Snack storage

If your child is going straight to an after-school activity without you then you could pack extra snacks into the lunch box. Ziploc Snack Bags (or Sandwich Bags for hungrier kids) are easy to pop in and you can also write on the resealable bags what the snacks are for, ie “after gym”, “before art class”, etc so they’re not devouring everything whilst at school. Ziploc seal top bags are designed to keep air out – which helps keep food fresh – and offer an easy grip and opening for little fingers.

If you’re taking your child to an out-of-school activity, pre-prepared Ziploc seal top bags are ideal for storing snacks. If you have more than one child just label them with the child’s name for a quick grab and go. They help to lock in the freshness and can be washed and reused over and over again.

For playdates, labelling the snack bag will help the host know if the food is OK to share with their child.

Ziploc bags are also handy for school camps – no more losing those expensive containers! Again, labelling is easy, plus they’re strong and light.

TIP: Ziploc Snack Bags are great for helping to keep mouthguards clean and hygienic. You can also use Ziploc Sandwich Bags for icepacks for sporting mishaps.

Veggie sticks

Ideas & recipes for on-the-go snacks

These are some of our favourite foods for snacks when out and about.

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