Your Secret Stock of School Supplies

It’s 8am. You’re about to head out the door on the school run and one of the kids pipes up that they need a new exercise book for class that day. Or they need a dollar for the mufti fundraiser. Or it’s wacky hair day!

One of the things I have learnt that is absolutely essential when you have school-age kids is that you have to keep a secret supply of stationery and other essential items for school life. Why is it secret? Because otherwise everyone in the household is going to raid it! Why is it essential? Because sanity.

Whether you use it for those last-minute supply needs or you bring it out for homework and projects, you will wonder how you ever did without one.

To keep it all neat and tidy, choose a tub or container that’s perfect for storing your stationery supply.

What to include in your supply

The contents of your secret supply will vary from child to child but here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • Stationery – Keep a backup supply of pens, pencils and erasers. Having a spare ruler, glue stick, pencil sharpener, and protactor is also handy.

  • Exercise books – Keep a few of the most common exercise books, like 1B5 and notebooks, in your supply.

  • Drink bottle – As the number one school item most likely to disappear into oblivion, a spare drink bottle is essential.

  • Sunscreen – A small roll-on or tube of sunscreen is handy to keep in supply, just remember to rotate it out when you buy a new one.

  • Hair care – How often do you need a hair tie at the last minute before leaving the house? Pop a few in your supply and add some ribbons, hair chalk or coloured hair spray for that wacky hair day you forgot about!

  • Coins – Essential for mufti days, fundraisers, transport, and tooth fairies (!).

  • Craft items – Coloured paper or card, sellotape, googly eyes, Post-it notes, etc.

  • Cards – A few generic birthday and thank you cards are priceless time-savers.

  • Tissues and masks – A pocket pack of tissues and 2020’s must-have accessory, a face mask or two.

  • Essential school info – Keep a copy of your child’s timetable or the school break and lunch times plus school contact numbers.

  • Sewing kit – For quick repairs, keep a small sewing kit handy including spare buttons.

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