Christmas Gifts | Kids Review LEGO® and LEGO® DUPLO® Sets

The LEGO® Group has been inspiring creativity since 1932. This Christmas, 90 wonderful years of play later, LEGO playsets are still the perfect gifts that enable you to hand over the key to an exciting Christmas to your child. We asked some parents and their very excited children to review some of this Christmas's top LEGO and LEGO® DUPLO® sets.

Advent Calendar Ideas

As the first of December approaches, families across the world will be setting up an Advent calendar to count down the days to Christmas with their children. Here's 10 ideas for awesome Advent calendars you can make.

Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Stocking stuffers for kids don't have to be expensive but they should be fun, and include some that are delicious. Check out some of our family favourite stocking stuffers including ideas for crafty and curious kids and they are all around $10 or less!

Homemade food gifts

If Christmas isn't about food, then what is? Making food for others is one of the joys of Christmas, and food gifts please almost everybody, are inexpensive and fun to make. From your boss to your children's teacher, who couldn't love a batch of homemade biscuits?