DIY Easter bunny ears

Making your own bunny rabbit ears is an easy craft project for kids. Use our FREE bunny ears template and then decorate them however you want. You'll end up with an easy homemade dress up or Easter hat parade idea.

Egg toss game

This game can be googy use a raw egg and in pairs throw it to each other each time move a step back the pair with the last whole egg is the winner.

Easter bunny hop

This active easter activity requires children to run a race with a plastic or stuffed egg between his or her knees you could use a chocolate egg but that could get a little messy.

Easter Bunny bunting

Decorating for the Easter Bunny? Easy! Kids will love this bunting and the BEST part about it is they can make it as long or as short as they like. Print a few or print a lot - they're FREE! Just snip the slit in the ear and thread through the string

Easter egg basket

Collecting the Easter eggs has to be the most egg-citing part of Easter morning. Seeing what that big old bunny left is great fun - but what to collect them in? Print this FREE Easter egg basket template and make your own!

Easter word find: Medium

When your child reaches the age of eight there can be a shift in the emphasis placed on spelling. At this age they'll be linking between the sounds of letters and how words are made. Help the kids out and have fun at the same time with this word find aimed at kids aged seven to eight.

Easter word find: Easy

Just as children reach physical milestones in the process of learning to walk, there are several important spelling milestones that a 5-6 year old child will pass through on the journey to becoming a successful speller. Have a go at this word find aimed at younger kids.