Paper plate bunny basket

Paper plate bunny basket

Having an Easter egg hunt this year? Make some bunny baskets to collect your loot. All you need is three paper plates and some basic craft supplies.

What you need:

  • 3 x plain white paper plates
  • 2 x googly craft eyes
  • 2 x cotton balls
  • 1 x pink button
  • lead pencil
  • glue
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • 1 x long pipe cleaner

Number of players:


Lay two plates on top of each other. From the top plate, cut a section shaped like an ear (see video). Then with the second plate still beneath, use the edge to trace an identical shape onto the plate below.

Cut that ear out. Now you have two bunny ears. Set one of these plates aside to use later as the back of the basket.

Now cut a small section of the ribbed edge of the plate, to use as the bunny's teeth.

Get the third plate, this will be the front of the basket.  Staple the ears in place, then create the bunny's face using the eyes, cotton balls as cheeks and a pink button for a nose. 

Glue the "teeth" in place.

Now turn that plate over and staple get the second plate you set aside earlier: with the section cut out of the top for an ear.

With right sides facing each other, staple these two plates together – the one with the face on the front and the one with the ear section cut out of the top. Position the back of the basket so that the cut-out section is at the top of the basket (where the bunny's ears are.)

Now punch two holes either side of each ear and use those holes to attach the pipe cleaner as your basket's carry handle.

You are ready to go egg hunting.

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