Footprint game

Next rainy day, thrill your kids by letting them follow footprints around the house to discover a prize at the end. The Footprint game takes bit of preparation time - but is so worth it. You could even covert it into an Easter egg hunt game at Easter time. Watch the video to see how.

Egg shell crack

Easter brings bunnies, chocolates and fun activities for kids of all ages. Have a cracking goodtime with this egg shell crack game. A prefect game to celebrate the Easter festivities.

Make a neighbourhood map

Map skills can develop special concepts that help children understand distance and time. A good way to expose children to maps is to make one of the local area. Take a walk together afterwards and see if you can follow along with the map made.

Easter Bunny tails

These cute little Easter Bunny tails are made from marshmallow, chocolate and coconut. They are a fun Easter activity for the kids and a lovely treat for friends and family.

Easter egg bocce

Eggs are traditionally associated with Easter so what better kids' activity to keep the little ones busy than Easter egg bocce (bowls)!  Don't worry - we're talking hard boiled eggs of course. Anything else would just be a yolk!