Plastic milk experiment

This fascinating and easy science experiment shows your kids just how cool science can be! Make this weird plastic milk together and teach the little ones about chemical reactions. Best of all they get to be creative with the end result.

Monster in a jar

What a catch! These monsters are not only great fun and full of science education, they will make your kids the envy of the class! Who else can catch a monster in a jar?

Oily mixtures

Kids just love science and not knowing what will happen next. Create that sense of mystery with the kids and get them to do some experimenting with you.

Indoor rainbow

Everyone loves seeing a rainbow. With this cool activity you can now have a rainbow inside even if it hasn't been raining. Follow the simple steps and your house will be full of rainbows in no time.  

Stalk show

Enjoy this experiment as you witness the celery leaves change before your very eyes. Kids will love the magic behind this super cool science experiment!

Bubble art and science

Who doesnt love bubbles? Get creative as you and your kids do the bubble art science project. This is a great art and craft kids activity and will have your kids amazed at the wonder of bubbles. Once they are done they will have a beautiful piece of art to hang on the wall.

Ice experiment

Kitchen science has never been so much fun! This interesting experiment will have the kids guessing. Most people figure that cold water would freeze faster than hot water - stay tuned as this experiment will give the definitive answer

Build a balloon rocket

Put some excitement in your day with this high-flying kids; science experiment. Building a balloon rocket is fun and there;s no mess which is great news for parents! So blast-off with this high-speed project and explore the wonderful world of science.

Volcano experiment

Impress your kids and create your very own homemade eruptions with this volcano experiment. Watch your kids be amazed with this science experiment which is also a great learning game for curious, knowledge seeking kids.