Make a candle experiment

Science experiments are so much fun for kids and so easy to do in your own home. Teach the kids how to make a candle with this cool experiment which explains how the process works. Once its finished, you can then burn your own home made candle!

Make a homemade marble run

Are your kids into marbles? Making your own homemade marble run out of recycled bits and bobs is perfect to start them thinking about the basics of physics. Check out how complicated (or easy) you can make your fun new marble run. Watch the video tutorial below for inspiration.

Mentos geyser

This activity is so much fun, you're kids will think you're the coolest parent ever! This activity is probably best done outside as it will create a world of mess, but loads of FUN!

Make a string telephone

Making a string telephone is a fun way to talk with a friend or your sister or brother after the lights have gone out. It may be simple technology but before the days of mobile phones and computers, people had to be more inventive. Get calling your friends today!

Chicken sounds experiment

Learn about how sound boards work with this cool kids; science project. Create fun sounds like a chicken clucking with this chicken sound-making experiment. They'll laugh as they learn, so go ahead and try this science experiment today.

Make a lava lamp

Making a lava lamp is not only fun, it's a sneaky science experiment. Try this simple science experiment, which will teach your children about density. Your kids will love making their own homemade lava lamp.

Potato shoot experiment

Kids love experimenting and this potato shoot science experiment is a fun learning activity that will have your kids wanting to know more about how things work. So grab some spuds out of the cupboard and amaze your kids today.

Magic ink

Help your kids discover the magic of the amazing science experiment and kids activity that creates magic ink. Watch their eyes widen in wonder as they uncover the secrets behind the amazing possibilities of science!

Spoon reflection experiment

Spoons are not only fun for eating ice cream, they can also teach kids a lot about science! This spoon reflection experiment is a great way to teach kids about mirrors and all you need is in the cutlery drawer. So grab a spoon, shine it up and have fun with this great kids science experiment.