Bouncing raisins

Simple science experiments using kitchen and pantry items are fun to do and a great way to help your kids learn. Get them into the kitchen, follow these simple steps and watch the bouncing raisins go up and down, up and down.

Balloon fizz-inflator experiment

Inflate a balloon with simple vinegar and baking soda and amaze your friends and family with this fun and easy kids' science experiment. The balloon fizz-inflator is a great science project to teach kids about carbon dioxide. Watch our video to show you how to do it.

The bouncy egg

Kitchen science is a great way to get kids involved in learning about the way things work. Try making a bouncy egg by putting it in vinegar. The video below shows you all the steps you need to take.

Snot recipe

Impress your kids with this fantastically icky snot recipe activity. Snot recipe is a fun way to get kids learning about science through art and craft and making their own kitchen creations. Kids art and craft has never been this fun, so grab your ingredients and get mixing!

How to bend the light

Do your kids dream of creating a wizards invisibility cloak? Well with this light bending kids science experiment they will discover one of the elements that go into the science behind Harry;s cloak: Its called refraction! Enjoy this science project experiment with your kids today.

Blubber experiment

Discovering the secret of blubber is awesome fun, just ask any child who has done this experiment. This is an easy and safe science experiment for kids of all ages and makes learning fun!

Wave in a bottle experiment

Explore the wonders of how nature works with wave in a bottle, a fun science experiment and learning game. Kids will discover how and why water behaves and will be amazed at the power of the natural world. Kick start a possible love of science with this project today.

Sunlight experiment

Inspire your kids to learn about the wonders of nature and how science can help explain amazing things like sunlight. This simple experiment can open their eyes to new ideas as you explore the properties of light together.

Water-gliding matchsticks

Create your own tiny speedboats with this zippy kids science experiment! This is a quick and easy science project that will have your kids amazed at how simple household items can be used to learn about science. So rev up the matchsticks and get skidding today.

Fizzy experiment

Science experiments are so much fun for kids and so easy to do in your own home. This simple fizzy experiment will intrigue the kids and have them asking why and how?