Walking on eggs science experiment

Walking on eggs science experiment

You know the phrase "walking on eggshells"? Well this fun science experiment for kids totally debunks the idea that eggs are fragile. Did you know you can stand on eggs and they won't break?  But read the instructions carefully or you will end up with an egg mess!

What you need:

  • 2 x dozen eggs (larger eggs work better)
  • sheets or newspaper or a garbage bag laid on the floor for mess
  • Stanley knife or kitchen knife
  • a lovely assistant to help steady your weight
  • bare feet

Number of players:


If you don't believe it, watch the video to see Alex stand on two cartons of eggs without breaking them (until he did a victory dance and one cracked.)

Open your cartons of eggs and give them a good inspection. Make sure none are cracked or flawed in any way. 

Now you will have to cut the centre bits of the egg carton so that they are level with the tops of the eggs and don't get in the way of your amazing feat. Get Mum or Dad to use a Stanley knife or just a kitchen knife to do this.

Now make sure all the eggs are set in the carton the same way up: they need to be either all pointy end up or all rounded end up. This ensures a consistent surface area for your body weight to spread over.

Spread the garbage bag on the floor. Place the cartons open and side-by-side, comfortable for you to put a food on each and stand still.

Use your assistant to steady your weight as you carefully place your first foot onto one of the cartons of eggs. You need to place your foot flat and evenly onto the eggs so your body weight is spread evenly across all 12 eggs. Now with your assistant to steady you, place your second foot on the other carton of eggs the same way – evenly and carefully.

You should now be standing on eggs. Don't move! Don't shift your body weight or you will crack an egg.

Why is it so?

Eggs are actually like an arch: they are a perfect structure with internal strength derived from the forces pushing inwards towards one another.  They will crack easily when you strike them against something, but as a structure unto themselves, the design is perfect. The rounded ends create an arch at either end. So if you place your body weight directly onto them, with the force spread evenly, the dozen eggs can take your weight and support it.

The curved design of the eggs spreads your weight evenly instead of concentrating it at one point. When you crack an egg, you are concentrating the force at one point and that's why it breaks.

This is why a big old hen can sit on an egg and not crack it! 

The design of the egg carton also helps.

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