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Baking with Betty Crocker is easy!

Create moments to remember with your little ones these school holidays. Betty Crocker makes baking fun for kids and easier than ever for you.

Baking helps kids develop their confidence, fundamental maths skills and it’s great bonding time. Best of all, Betty Crocker always delivers, meaning you have delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy when you’re done.

Betty’s Brownies and Slices are full of delicious chocolate. These mixes can be cooked to your preference – gooey and moist or slightly firmer. Either way, you’re sure to be winning.

If you feel like sharing love through baking, try Betty Crocker’s delicious Cake Mixes. From the classics like Vanilla Cake to superb Devil’s Food – there is a cake for everyone.

Frosting by Betty Crocker makes it easy to add a delicious finishing touch to your cake. Choose from chocolate, vanilla and other delicious frosting flavours. Spread with a knife or pipe into shapes for a smooth, creamy and tasty cake or cupcake topping. We also like using these between two cookies for an irresistible cookie sandwich!

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  • Each selected reviewer will receive: 1 x Betty Crocker Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, 1 x Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Mix, and 1 x Betty Crocker Creamy Deluxe Milk Chocolate Frosting
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  1. Lauraliz 07/08/2019 at 9:13 am

    Thank you for sending these delish products to us to review. We made the Devils Cake on the weekend……. now all that is left is crumbs! The Betty Crocker mixes are so simple and effective! Truely handy for when you are time poor and need to throw something together. Both kids (7 and 10) were able to follow the instructions with ease! I have yet to make the brownie that was sent to us – but i have made them before – infact they were the very first brownie i had ever had 😉 And they were delish!! All and all i reccomend the betty crocker range! Very handy to have in the cupboard.

  2. Sylvia Parke 07/08/2019 at 7:53 am

    We loved using these Betty Crocker mixes. Everything was so easy, it turned out really well and it gave the kids a real sense of achievement when they saw what they had made. I think baking is now a new hobby! The instructions were very clear (for Miss 9 and Mr. 11) and the end product tasted delicious. Thank you for sending then to us. We will definitely buy them in the supermarket.

  3. Marike7209 06/08/2019 at 10:30 pm

    Thank you for choosing us to try these yummy products.
    The kids were so excited when the box arrived that they wanted to do it straight away (so didn’t get any photos sorry). They used the devil food cake and, as suggested on the box, made it into cupcakes. It was devine. So easy for my 9 year old to do all by herself, with only help needed with oven. They were soft and fluffy and delicious. We got 12 big cupcakes and about 20 mini cupcakes out of the mixture. They freeze well to keep for lunchboxes too.
    Today me and my 7 year old made the brownies. So simple, easy instructions for her to understand and love that its only egg and butter to add.
    I wasn’t sure about the frosting at first, but decided to melt it as per instructions and what a treat that was. My daughter smeared some over the brownies and we had some for dessert after dinner, with icecream and a drizzle of the mrlted chocolate frosting drizzles over icecream. It was fantastic.
    I like that you can store it in the fridge, because it was definitely way to much to use in one go.
    Overall excellent products thats kid approved.

  4. Bevik1971 06/08/2019 at 1:47 pm

    Thank you for the opportunity to try these delicious and easy baking mixes from Betty Crocker!! We have tried only 1 of these mixes in the past (The Devil’s Food cake) and loved it! So we were stoked to receive the triple chocolate brownie mix as well! My 6 year old couldn’t wait to get started – so we threw the mixture into a bowl as per instructions and added 2 eggs and some melted butter, that’s it, so easy! We mixed it up and then lined a tray with baking paper and poured it in. I turned the oven down a little more than the recipe suggested to not cook it too fast and took it out when a skewer came out with crumbly bits on it. It was perfect! I wasn’t game enough to try some of the Chocolate frosting on the brownie as may have been too sickly BUT we eat it right out of the tub!! I use it as a chocolate fix when I want something sweet – it’s creamy and has a great taste. Can’t wait to try it heated and drizzled on ice cream or something similar. We ate some of the brownie hot but once cooled, it was soft and a tiny bit gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside, to me the perfect brownie 🙂 We haven’t managed to make up the Devil’s Food Cake yet unfortunately but planning on doing it this weekend as Nanna is coming for dinner 🙂

  5. Vee 06/08/2019 at 1:21 pm

    I’m so happy with this product! Thank you for the trial. The convenience of prepped baking gives me the opportunity to be the baking mum I wanna be! I otherwise find it too bitsy and measurey and time consuming and it ends up being a chore that I don’t do that frequently. But these Betty Crocker packs are so convenient and taste so good, I would totally recommend. We baked both the chocolate brownie and Devils Chocolate cake. They were so easy to bake, and so fun to make with the kids. We used the frosting on the cake which made it impossible to not eat till it was all gone – we had a celebration so it was perfect for this occasion. The brownie was soft in the middle and crunchy on the outside and we treated ourselves to these with ice-cream one night, omg, and the rest has been going into the lunchbox (and freezer). I have to use my own timings due to my oven, and it was great to have options to use different ingredients (oil/butter) and sizes too. They was fab, and we’ll be purchasing them again! Thanks Kidspot, and Betty Crocker!

  6. rachlouise 06/08/2019 at 8:17 am

    Thank you for the opportunity to trial these. They were such a hit with my three year old daughter Kaelyn. She loves to bake! These Betty Crocker mixes are so easy to use and taste delicious. She made both with little help. They are such a great way to get children into baking. We love these mixes in our house and they are now a staple item.

  7. ShelleyS 05/08/2019 at 3:26 pm

    Myself and Miss 11 made both mixes as we just couldn’t resist it. I let Miss 11 take the lead, she thoroughly enjoyed the trust I had in her taking control. Her mood was not the best prior to starting and I thought why not spend some quality time together baking. I enjoyed the fact that we were bonding and having special time together. It was an opportunity for me to do some social, emotional and academic coaching at the same time. I prompted her with manners, taking turns mixing and sharing. We also talked about how it made her feel being independent and only having my input when needed. She loved how we talked about measurements and the conversions included on packaging worked. This was not just about baking the Betty Crocker range and how easy it was, not to mention mouth watering too. It was about the relationship we were building during a baking activity. Her behaviour improved and she was very engaged and compliant afterwards. I must admit if it wasnt child proof then it may have been a disaster. Thanks Betty Crocker for the opportunity to share a love of baking while meeting the basic needs of my child’s development. I would highly recommend Betty Crocker mixes to anyone young and mature.

  8. Tashakobe 04/08/2019 at 8:10 pm

    Wow it was a nice surprise to receive this box of goodies. My girls decided the Brownie needed to be made first and unfortunately it didn’t last more than half an hour so I didn’t get any photos. We all loved it.

    The Devil’s Chocolate Cake was next, this one I did very photos and a video. My 4 year old twins helped mix the cake batter and had a ball doing it. They loved licking the spoons afterwards. They didn’t want to wait until after dinner, they wanted cake before but I managed to hide it until I was ready. I used the Chocolate Frosting, which I love that it can be microwaved, so I poured it on top of the cake.

    All 3 girls plus hubby and I ate half of it for dessert. My oldest then went back and I caught her eating it straight from the bench.

    All 3 items were a massive hit with us. Thank you.

  9. Jtnz 04/08/2019 at 8:00 pm

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial the Betty Crocker mixes. My 8 year old made the Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies (with a little help from me with the oven). She has just started to be interested in baking on her own so these mixes make it a little easier for her with most of the ingredients already in the box. It was great to see her read through the instructions and work out what else she needed to do. The brownies tasted great as well!

  10. Stacey Mahoney 04/08/2019 at 12:58 pm

    First up Miss 12 and Miss 8 made the brownie (Miss 11 opted to be the taste tester!). They found it really easy to make, instructions were easy to follow for the children, and most importantly it tasted delicious! They kept it in the oven about 10 minutes longer than the recipe said, as it still seemed underbaked. End result was a yummy, fudgy in the middle and a slight crunch on the outside brownie! The girls used the frosting to ice, followed by icing sugar. We were a bit worried the icing would be to soft for them to take as a treat in their school lunchbox…but we were wrong! The icing sets perfectly, easy to transport without making a mess.

    Next up was the Devil’s food cake. The girls decided to get creative and make cupcakes instead of a single cake. Wow!!!!! Just wow!!!!! The cupcakes were unbelievably light and fluffy, almost sponge like! Really chocolaty, but not super sweet. Perfect in fact!

  11. kim007 04/08/2019 at 10:42 am

    We made the Triple Chocolate Brownies with Miss 5 and Master 3. They were super easy to make and pretty much fool-proof. The brownies went down a treat and got rave reviews from everyone that tried them. I would definitely recommend making these. I’ve put the leftover brownies in the freezer for lunchbox treats and this works well too – they defrost in time for morning tea or lunch and are still delicious. Thanks Betty Crocker!

  12. CMack 03/08/2019 at 10:22 pm

    We made the Devil’s Food cake today. I loved that it gave you the option of baking it in different sizes – we opted to do it in a muffin pan. I got 13 cupcakes out, but could have probably done more if I didn’t fill them up as much (they do rise very well!) My 3-year old loved putting different colour muffin cases in the pan.
    The mix was just as easy as the brownie one – quick, no fuss and very little clean up required. We used rice bran oil and water as that’s what we had on hand, but it’s handy knowing you can also do it with butter and milk.
    I always adjust baking times and temperatures because my oven seems to be hotter than the norm.
    I didn’t use the icing int he foil-packet that came with the mix but instead opted to use the tub of frosting. It was very easy to spread (my 10-year old helped) and wasn’t dry at all. There was still plenty of frosting left after icing all 13 cupcakes…so will use it for something else later on….great that it lasts up to a month in the fridge!
    Both kids loved helping to decorate them and according to my little one, eating them was “deeeeeelicious” 🙂

    What I’ve loved most about this trial is that with both products you don’t have to buy a whole heap of ingredients which end up expiring as I don’t do that much baking all the time….and also you don’t end up with a heap of dishes to clean. Instructions are clear and easy and the end product is super tasty.

  13. Michelle Garrett 01/08/2019 at 12:40 pm

    Thank you for the opportunity to review these Betty Crocker products. We made the chocolate cake first, very easy to make took little to no time at all. My boys loved helping. It wasn’t the nicest chocolate cake I have tried so probably won’t be buying this product again. Easy to follow instructions and loved how it had cooking times for different size tins and muffins.
    We then made the fudge brownie they were delicious will definitely recommend and buy this product again. Again very easy to make. The instructions are fantastic easy to follow. Great suggestions on the box to add macadamia nuts etc we will try this next time.

  14. crank 31/07/2019 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks Betty Crocker for these awesome products. We made the Triple Chocolate Brownies and The Devils Food Cake whilst tea was cooking in the oven – they were that quick that they were ready to go in as soon as dinner was done so I didn’t have to reheat the oven. We used butter instead of oil but it’s good that there’s options for that depending on what you have in the fridge/pantry. The brownies smelt amazing and we had a piece for our dessert – all warm and gooey in the middle but with a crunch on the corners – yum! We dolloped the chocolate frosting on top too. For the Devils Food Cake, we actually made this into cupcakes for the school lunches. They are really light and have a great chocolate taste. The frosting is just superb but I have to avoid looking at it or I want to eat the whole tub!!

    • Chirp 31/07/2019 at 10:15 pm

      My 4 year old daughter and I made the Devils Food Cake together. It was quick and easy to make which is great when baking with kids. No fiddling around with lots of different ingredients. The cooking time on the packet for fanbake turned out to be a bit long I feel, because I put it in for less than the recommended time and it was still slightly overcooked. The kids still found it delicious though, especially iced with the chocolate frosting from the tub. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste of the frosting so next time I’d try the icing that was included in the box instead and also adjust the cooking time. Overall the cake was very easy to make and came out looking perfect. I also made the Triple chocolate fudge brownie. This was super quick and easy to make. I even thought it tasted pretty good too and the kids loved it of course. I couldn’t wait to try a piece so didn’t wait for it too cool long enough before cutting. I think for aesthetic reasons waiting for it to fully cool before cutting would be a good idea but otherwise eating the warm brownie was delish. These products are definitely convenient. It’s great that they give you the option of using oil or butter. I would recommend them to anyone needing to whip up some baking in limited time.

  15. NEdlington 31/07/2019 at 5:19 pm

    My Baking buddy, Master 3 and I were so excited to have been selected for this trial.
    We allocated an afternoon for the baking, and the first mix we used was the “Triple Chocolate Brownie”. It was super easy, just two additional ingredients to the packet mix, and a good stir, then into the tin. The “Devil’s Food” cake mix was similarly easy, just a few additional ingredients, though this one required an electric mixer.

    Master 3 particularly enjoyed adding ingredients to the bowl, helping to stir and scrape, and helping with the control dial on the mixer.
    We chose to ice the cake with the “Creamy Deluxe Chocolate Frosting” rather than that supplied in the box, it said you could use it as a Glaze which looked fancy so we tried it out. Perhaps we made it too runny, because while my boy loved pouring it on, it was rather messy. (See photos)

    The best part was of course the tasting, he declared both lots of baking “yummy” (as did both Mum and Dad), and really enjoyed his time in the kitchen. I loved just how easy these were to make, super clear instructions, and how I could involve my son in baking without too much hassle or preparation.

    We would totally buy these products and bake them again! (I might just use the frosting differently next time 😊 )

  16. Becks Kinross 31/07/2019 at 1:20 pm

    We loved these products. The favourite was definitely the Triple Chocolate Fudge. Our 3.5 year old decided that the chocolate frosting belonged on the fudge and we added some pretty pink sprinkles for decoration. It is so easy to make and doesn’t take long to bake at all! The devils cake was also delicious and soft but the fudge was a winner and didn’t last more than a couple of days in our household. Highly recommend these products to any parents who wish to do some easy baking that their little ones can enjoy too! 🙂

  17. CMack 31/07/2019 at 8:48 am

    Mr 10 has been begging me to help out in the kitchen – problem is I’m extremely OCD!!
    With the Betty Crocker mixes though there’s soooooo much less mess and fuss, so it worked out well for both of us. Very little dishes, easy, quick and delicious – my son’s only complaint was that it was too easy – he wanted to do more hahaha
    Will make the cake this weekend and then he can have a bit more responsibility 🙂 Have to say the brownies didn’t last long in our house…so it MUST be good!

  18. moonbeam 30/07/2019 at 1:47 pm

    These packet mixes are awesome. My little chef and I started with the brownies and whats better than chocolate ….Triple Chocolate lol. These mixes are great I let lil miss 5 do most of it while I supervised, she loves baking with me but I think she enjoys the tasting at the end more. We under cooked the brownies a little bit as my house hold loves brownies both firm and gooey. We love these box mixes as they are super easy to make and the results are always awesome. Next we made the cake and again she did most of the mixing etc. Once again super easy to make and cake came out perfect. We used the separate container of chocolate frosting to glaze the cake and sprinkled some stars on the top. I love the new frosting its fantastic now that it has the option to use as a frosting or heat and use as a glaze. So we all agree Betty Crocker Box Mixes are awesome and WILL definitely be buying them again. Thanks for letting us be part of this delicious trial.

  19. JessJess 30/07/2019 at 1:36 pm

    We made the devils food chocolate cake this morning. I opted to use butter and milk instead of oil/water. It was nice and easy again, unfortunately I didn’t melt the butter enough so spent a lot longer mixing (by hand). Used an extra egg because our eggs were too small. It’s very handy that they advise egg size requirement. One son spilt a little during stirring. The other son got into the cooked cake during cooking. I couldn’t resist the scent so ended up icing it with the Betty Crocker frosting before fully cooled, but that was fine. The cake was rich in flavour, moist and very light. It barely used half the tub of frosting, and since it lasts 30 days from opening, I will save that for next time I make Afghans! The cake mix also came with its own packet of ready made icing so I get to save that for later as well! I liked using the ready made frosting, because I always manage to get the consistency wrong when making icing so this was just super easy, no hassle. The real hassle I had was my 3yr old sneaking back in the kitchen for more!

  20. Jay 29/07/2019 at 9:13 pm

    Mr 4 and I have baked the brownies using the butter version thumbs up all round from the family, personally I would of liked a few more chocolate chunks in there tho I thought they were a bit scarce. We also made the cake today was super easy also and tasted great the icing was the cherry on top hands down. As for the frosting its finger licking good. Thanks for letting us trial!

    • Reneeryan86 30/07/2019 at 4:47 pm

      I made the chocolate brownies today while the kids were at school I have an 11week old baby and I love how easy it is to just whip up. I havnt done any baking since having a baby because it seems to be to much effort with a demanding wee one around so these are just perfect for a busy lifestyle. My older 2 kids 10 and 7 whipped up the cake today after school and we substituted the butter for the oil and water so we can share it with my nephew who is dairy free this is a bonus that we can make this for him also. Also just love that my 10year old can quickly whip it up without any help only to place it in the oven. We love Betty crocker and we will definitely be buying more of these as they are so convenient. Thanks for choosing us to trial. 😊

  21. JessJess 29/07/2019 at 4:04 pm

    We made the triple chocolate brownies the other night. I was dubious because I’m not used to packet mixes. I sent hubby out to buy eggs, then my 1 year old cracked two eggs before we’d even started. No panic. The instructions were specific to use 2 large eggs – hubby bought small eggs, so I used one extra. This was very handy knowing specific egg requirement. This was so easy, I loved just throwing everything in and voila – brownies. The packet says 12 servings, but you can easily get 16 from it. The brownies were delicious, everyone loved them (including me at 2am…)

  22. rosarn 28/07/2019 at 11:20 am

    We had so much fun baking with this product. I made the cake with my 8yr old and the brownie with my 4yr old and both could easily use these products with my assistance. The best part was the lack of mess at the end and the minimal amount of dishes to do! We took the cake covered in the frosting to a family lunch and everyone agreed that it was delish. My boys have both asked to buy more! Would definitely recommend these products 🙂

  23. crank 15/07/2019 at 2:16 pm

    My kids are good at helping out with cooking dinner but we haven’t done a lot of baking. We do make pancakes and brownie though. I’m not a very confident baker so I would love to try these to see if it can encourage some more activity in the kitchen.

  24. wince192 15/07/2019 at 11:07 am

    My daughter (9) loves to get in the kitchen with me and bake! I would love to give her a go with this pack, I think it would be great to give her some confidence in the kitchen.

  25. Mummummum 15/07/2019 at 7:12 am

    My toddler and I love baking all sorts, from cakes to brownies to scones, this would be amazing to try for him to try and do it more on his own

  26. Rachael3 14/07/2019 at 6:25 pm

    we went out for dinner last night and my son discovered that hes really loving brownies right now so this would be a perfect trial for us 🙂

  27. Jamie44 14/07/2019 at 3:18 pm

    I love making cakes and slices with and for my family. My current favourite is millionaire brownies which is a brownie base with a caramel layr and the Chocolate on top.

  28. Budnipz 13/07/2019 at 10:38 pm

    My daughter and i LOOOOVE baking lemon muffins, but when we dont have time to bake from scratch we always bake with betty crocker, our favourite is the strawberry and cream cake and the cookie mix rainbow!!!

  29. Kylaoconnor 13/07/2019 at 6:04 pm

    I love all sorts of baking with my son, especially biscuits and brownies. Would love to try the Betty cocker ones so that he has something different for his lunches, plus get the chance to spend more time in the kitchen.

  30. Earthangelxox 13/07/2019 at 6:41 am

    My 5 year has just become interested in baking and cooking. We haven’t baked much yet as I can’t afford the ingredients but we cook dinner together every night and his favourite meal we have made so far was chicken stir fry with lots of veges.
    I would love to try Betty Crocker mixes as it would mean I don’t have to try and buy lots of ingredients and he would be super happy we get to do some baking

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