Clay and felt acorns

Cute as Christmas tree ornaments or to fill a glass bowl for a dash of yuletide colour, these clay and felt acorns are fun to make. You could also use gumnuts as an alternative to the clay acorns.

You’ll need:

  • Air-drying clay (available from art and craft supply stores)
  • Felt balls
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Wooden skewer
  • Glue


Step one

Soften the clay by squishing it a little and roll it between your hands into a ball. Flatten it into a round disc – about half a centimetre thick.

Step two

Mould the clay around half of a felt ball, shape it like the top of an acorn. Once the shape is formed, remove the felt ball and use the skewer to poke a hole through the centre of the clay.

Step three

Cut a thin strip of cardboard and fold lengthways into a ‘V’ shape. Use the end to press into the clay to create a pattern. Repeat steps one to three to make multiple acorn tops.

Step four

Leave the clay acorn tops to dry and harden in the sun for 24 hours. Turn them over so the insides dry as well – you can hurry up the process by using a hairdryer.

Step five

Thread the two ends of a piece of string through the hole in the acorn tops and tie the ends into a knot. Glue the inside of the clay tops and press the felt ball into the acorn top. Once dry, hang on the Christmas tree.

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