Pressed clay ornaments

Kids love clay – and they especially love cutting and pressing things into clay. Take advantage of this and use their creative talents to decorate your home for Christmas! Use air-drying clay and textured items around you to create pretty patterns on ornaments.

You’ll need:

  • Air-drying clay (available at art and craft supply stores)
  • A wooden skewer
  • Textured items you can press the clay into – we used a bowl, lace, plywood flower and our pebblecrete floor


Step one

Roll clay into a ball and press it down onto the textured item.

Step two

Gently remove the clay, turn over and use a round cookie cutter to cut it into a circle. If your clay dries out a little, wet it slightly with a few drops of water.

Step three

Press the skewer through the top of the ornament and thread with string. Leave to dry and harden in the sun for 24 hours. Turn them over so the insides dry as well – you can hurry up the process by using a hairdryer.

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