Ballerina costume: make a no sew ballerina tutu

You don’t need sewing skills to make your own cute ballerina costume. This no-sew tutu will delight your little dancer and will have her pirouetting all day. It’s the best no-sew tutu around. Just watch the step-by-step video to find out how to make it.

What you need:

  • 1.5m of tulle
  • 1.5m of thick ribbon for the waistband
  • Scissors


It’s easy to make a no sew tutu for a ballerina costume.


Once you have your tulle, fold it lengthways again and again until you have one long folded length about 20cm thick.

Cut it at 15cm intervals.

Now take your ribbon and measure your child’s waist. Tie two knots in the ribbon to mark the length of her waist, leaving two long ends to tie it on when it’s finished. The skirt will be created within the middle section delineated by the two knots.

Tie each strip of tulle to the waistband ribbon until the whole ribbon (bar the tie bits at the ends) is covered in tulle strips.

Now just tie it on!

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